Chicago State The Real Story

Chicago State The Real Story

As we prepare to bring in the holiday season, students on Chicago State University campus are gathering to celebrate what Chicago State means to them. The Director of Housing and Residence Life, Tim Lee, is encouraging   students to embrace the impact the school has had within their lives. The purpose of this campaign is to unite students and share the real story of Chicago State. “Chicago state is a hidden gem. People miss the influence of the staff and family-like atmosphere. Chicago State helped me to become the man I am” said international pro basketball player Aaron Williams. Mr. Williams is in town giving back to his former school by participating in community building workshops and peer mentoring.


As the Director of Housing, Mr. Lee has a close relationship to the students and staff. He works diligently to ensure that all lines of communication are open and positive. For the past several years, he has produced events in the performing arts to build confidence in the youth of Chicago under the brand, Tim Lee and Friends. This year, his production was not only held at Chicago State University, it included the talent of Chicago State students and was a fundraiser for the department of Housing & Residence Life.  This production helped to bridge the gap between students and staff and gave holiday cheer right before exams. This latest performance officially solidified an element of pride and comfort among all attendees.


A part of developing and maintaining a good and healthy educational environment stems from people being able to come together and share their stories. CSU wants to be in the forefront when it comes to not only empowering, engaging and enlightening the student’s minds but directly addressing who they are as individuals. College is an experience and the Chicago State University experience is boldly unique and enriching.


Witnessing the love and passion from the students and staff was touching as they prepare for Christmas break. It is clear that this new way of life has struck a chord that’s awakened something special within the students. It is all about catering to the whole person and knowing that the education of an individual goes beyond what they learn in a classroom or a book. A holistic approach to community engagement and more is sure to be what students talk about the most when reflecting on their college experience.

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Watch A Video Showcasing the beauty of the school and how they invest in their students by clicking the image below.

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