Teens kill and ask for snapchat followers in court

Teens kill and ask for snapchat followers in court

We live in a world today where we struggle constantly to become viral. It’s the dream of us all to be internet famous. Being internet famous allows you to have “social” capital which will hopefully lead to providing you with monetary gains. Many of us know how social media has played a part in the lives of some individuals that are now well off due to luck, talent and a situation. (Examples: King Bach or Logan Paul. ) Most of the time you need a random situation and comical behavior to open the door to an opportunity that results in people wanting more. I’ve gone viral numerous times and I was never ready at the time to truly reap the benefits of it. Yet, there is a downside to the viral thirst- It’s the new gold rush of the internet for the common person, Instant fame.


Teens live in a new age bubble that my generation and the ones prior can not understand. They have been brought up in a world that glorifies insanity, a lack of boundaries and the most reckless behavior. It’s not because they are evil, it is because it’s fun and it is what they are used to. As a teen, I felt that adults weren’t able to grasp how the internet was changing my life and making everything that they thought was impossible, indeed possible – for me. It is the same way for today’s youth but even more accessible.


On February 18th an Atlanta-based news station, WSBTV reported that 4 young men were charged with the murder of 19-year-old Kejuan Mitchell Brown outside of Easley, South Carolina. During the court appearance, one of the four boys asked why the cameras were in the courtroom. The judge responded by saying the news media was present. The four suspects began to show signs of joy while taking turns yelling out their Instagram and twitter handles while begging for followers. This was in front of the parents of the now deceased Mr. Brown. The two 22-year-olds, 19-year-old and a 15-year-old were removed from the courtroom but they showed us something amazing at that moment in time.


It works. They yelled out their social media handles and it got them the attention that they longed for deep down inside but they will never know because they are now on their way to jail for a long time. This case reminds me of the young boy from Chicago that killed his mother to get insurance money so he could record a music video for Youtube. It is sick what people will do for fame. So how can we stop this? It is so easy. Stop glorifying the bad and glorify the good. I am not posting this blog to add fuel to the fire but to make more people aware of what they consume. Do me a favor and try to avoid liking videos and or content like the video of the boys, teens fighting, people with guns, death etc for just a day. Do not reshare anything that isn’t good and or positive news. Let’s join together and make March 3rd the day of #ItsAllGood. Utilize your social media for good on March 3rd. Let’s try to lessen the negativity of the world just for one day and let’s see how it will not only change our lives but the lives of others whom may be reached by our reshares.


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