Just a few moments ago news surfaced that a deadly explosion took place at Brussels airport. Many news outlets are reporting that the country is investigating if this was a terrorist attack. While watching CNN a journalist mentioned eye witness accounts hearing yelling in Arabic just before gun shots were fired within the terminal and an explosion echoed within the facility. All flights have been cancelled and passengers have been escorted onto the runway for their safety. This explosion (as of 3:57 am Chicago time and 9 am there) has been deemed as deadly with 10+ casualties. *As of 4:50 this attack was deemed a suicidal bombing. CNN is reporting that the group responsible (presumed as Isis members) sent warnings that they were going to attack major transportation hubs. There were two attacks simultaneously; one at the airport and one  on the subway. 13 casualties at the subway.
Being safe in an airport  has always been a priority of mine. As a former flight attendant I know how hard it is to be in control of your environment within such restrictive spaces. Here are a few tips for you to follow to ensure that you be as prepared as possible if you’re ever in a similar situation. 

5. Remain Aware of Your Surroundings

This may seem like a logical thing to do but very few people do it. I’ve seen people talk on the phone unbeknownst to the world around them. People fall asleep with their items unsecured. People really let their security level down and there are people that take advantage of this. It’s easy to cause total chaos within the environment of an airport. The more alert you are the better prepared for tea owning you are.

4. Be Friendly

 It is in your best interest to watch the people around you , possibly engage them in friendly conversation and remain aware. This will come in handy if something does take place because people are more secure and protective if they feel they have made a connection with their neighbor. So if something happens you’ll be able to help each other in your time of need. 

3. Stay Strapped

In my urban community this means something different but the premise is still the same. Make sure that you have your own survival kit with you at all times. Your bag should contain multiple back up chargers, medicine, flashlights, water bottles with filters since you’ll need to fill them at the water fountain. A first aid kit and maps of the area you are going to and leaving. I generally take a screenshot of the maps when I travel. I’ve been stranded in their airport before and the lights go out at night. I’ve seen people suffer tremendously because shops were closed. It’s important to care the bare necessities including food. Wear flashlight watches as well. This comes in handy. Also, wear comfortable shoes at all times while in an airport!

  2. Know Your Plan

When you’re traveling alone you can just figure out a plan as you go but what if you’re on a family vacation? You need to have a plan to stay safe. It’s best to wear easily identifiable clothing as a family. When you’re settled in at your departure gate assign an area for an emergency meet up. I’ve seen families traumatized during chaotic situations because their children had no clue how to find their parents and their parents left looking for them.

1. Stay On Point

You need to have all major news outlets sending alerts to your phone so you can be aware of what’s going on in and or around the airport at all times. If a major traffic accident took place , chances are it will hinder the functionality of the airport in some way if it is close and it resembles a terrorist attack. So stay on point.
I hope that my tips can help you remain prepared. Don’t be afraid to fly and or travel. Enjoy your life. It’s very rare that things like this occur. My prayers are with and for all involved. I will update this frequently with any new information. 

Image: Twitter (IntlSpectator)

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