Amber Rose: No Always Means No It's Not You, It's Men

Amber Rose: No Always Means No It's Not You, It's Men
It is February 24th, 2016 and women are still being raped. We are in a day and an age where a woman is still taken advantage of no matter what she is wearing, what she has said and who she is. The fact that a woman is a woman and a man wants sex is the ultimate focus of some moments in time. Not all men rape but they still do it. I’m angry as a rape victim, as a woman, as a former slut shamer’ and an educator. It’s not you, it’s men.
Amber Rose: No Always Means No | It's Not You, It's Men
The past few days a video that has circulated on the internet with  Kanye West’s ex-girlfriend and mother of Wiz Khalifa’s son being featured on Tyrese and Rev Run’s show- It’s Not You, It’s Men on the OWN network highlights the mindset that allows women to still be raped on February 24th, 2016. During the interview, Tyrese says “It’s an energy that’s being sent out that creates that type of response.” Amber Rose passionately responds by saying “No it doesn’t because I’m going to tell you why. If I am laying down with a man butt naked and his condom is on and I say no I don’t want to do this, I changed my mind. That means no. That means no. That’s it.”
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Rev. Run sits there with body language that shows that he doesn’t agree while his lips are pressed and puckered with elements of discontent. Tyrese mutters ok in a calming yet condescending fashion. Amber continues by saying “it doesn’t matter how far I take it or what I have on. No still means no.” Rev . Run interrupts immediately and expresses that he “heard a quote that says dress how you want to be addressed.” The audience claps while Tyrese nods in agreement. Amber is immediately offended and her rebuttal is “no, that’s not realistic.” Rev. Run ends the clip with a frustrated sigh of defeat. Some people may watch this and think that nothing happened but to a rape victim what you hear is IT’S YOUR FAULT.
 3 Amber Rose: No Always Means No | It's Not You, It's Men
Society still teaches us that if you are raped it is your fault and not the fault of men. Men are just being men. Why is it that men are allowed to possess this animistic existence that women lack so to say that allows them to take a woman’s body without her full verbal and or physical consent. It doesn’t matter how a woman dresses. It doesn’t matter if she is known to be a stripper. It doesn’t matter if she has a reputation. She is a woman. She is a human and she has the right to say no.
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Rev. Run and Tyrese are two highly respected men within the industry and to see this type of reaction from them during the month of February 2016 is frustrating. Both men have daughters and should have a more understanding viewpoint/perception of a woman’s consent. Not all men rape, but there is a large number of men that do rape. This is a hidden epidemic that gets swept under the rug due to the natural instinct to want sex. It’s human nature but it’s humane to understand the power of consent.
Watch The Video Here: By The Way DTW means Down To Do Whatever.

Amber Rose: No Always Means No | It’s Not You, It’s Men
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