Vine Famous: Chicago's Own Rape On Social Media

Vine Famous: Chicago's Own Rape On Social Media

The need to be “Vine famous” has reached a shocking low. Last night thousands of people watched a series of Vines posted by a man known as Johnathan S Savage showcasing a girl being “gang-banged” and then raped out on the street while unconscious. Savage showcased multiple men becoming distressed with an un-functional girl because she wouldn’t cooperate properly during their attempted sexual acts.
The video is graphic and shows the lack of respect for the young lady, themselves and also the concept of rape. I’ve talked about my struggle to deal with the world properly after being raped so I can only imagine what this girl will go through. Her face is clearly seen and due to the video going viral she may be in danger. I am unaware of the ladies actual state of being and if she was drunk, drugged or beaten to unconsciousness but the later videos show her passed out on the ground naked with a young man finding her and simply inserting his penis inside of her without caution. The event took place on the south side of Chicago in a park area.

If you know any of the young men featured in the video please contact authorities immediately so that we can stop things like this from not only happening but being glorified on the internet. The younger generation is loosing and or not properly developing the correct mindset of what is socially acceptable and unacceptable in life and on the internet. People typed “LOL”, “Yes, that’s how you treat a #THoT”, and “where y’all at Imma hit dat too!”

If you have seen or documented the video and would like to report the alleged crime to Chicago Police, you can do so by calling the Police Department at (312) 745-4290 or contact a Detective at (312) 747-8380.

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