The Reality of VH1's Master of the Mix with DJ DimePiece

The Reality of VH1's Master of the Mix with DJ DimePiece

Being on a reality TV show is a challenge. You get to see yourself as others do. You’re criticized and critiqued for the world to see. The challenge of staying positive, representing something good and looking fabulous while doing so is a task many aren’t ready to embark on. DJ DimePiece of California noticed early on while at Fisk University that being ready is better than getting ready. I had the opportunity to meet up with her and talk about staying healthy, moving on with life after being on a reality tv show and how to take advantage of the life changing opportunities that can stem from being on tv.

JL: How’d you hear about the casting?

Dime: I actually received an email from the casting people via my website as well as a tweet on Twitter. They were contacting DJs trough websites and social media about the Chicago casting auditions.

JL: What about the show appealed to you?

Dime: The 250 Thousand Dollar Prize and the opportunity to show the world who “DJ DimePiece” is and my story.

JL: What about your personality stood out the most and ultimately made the director choose you to participate?

Dime: I personally don’t know their particular reason for choosing me but I believe the fact that I was humble and just down to earth helped. I also think they saw the passion I had for the craft shined through my audition as well as my story. DJing was more to me than making money or even rocking crowds. DJing saved my life. Djing gave me hope and comforted me the day I lost my mother and father. So everytime I spin it has a meaning behind it. That showed through my audition process for sure. I thank God for the gift of DJing!

JL: Where were you at when you got the news that you were officially on the show? What was your reaction? Who was the first person you called?

Dime: It was a Saturday morning; I was actually in my room getting ready for my radio show. One of the casting directors opened the conversation with “I have good news and I have bad news, which do you want first?” So of course I wanted to get the bad news out the way and the bad news was she didn’t have any bad news. The good news of course was that I was casted for the show. I was beyond excited. The first person I called was my sister. She was so happy for me and ready to see her sister compete against the best on national TV.

JL: What did you hope for the show to do for your career?

Dime: I hoped for Master Of The Mix to add more notoriety to my brand and also challenge me as a DJ. Anyone that knows of me knows that I love challenging myself and taking myself further.

JL: What are you doing to maintain the influence you earned during the show now that it’s over?

Dime: I have been doing what I’ve been doing before the show which is grinding, expanding my brand by keeping my mixes available to the public, traveling, ‘gigging’ out of town, interviews and working on my craft.

JL: How has your life changed?

Dime: Although a lot of people are already familiar with me through radio stations I have worked for – it has been crazy to be noticed somewhere and told you were their favorite on the show or they were rooting for you. Very humbling to know someone connected with me.

JL: Any words of advice for others looking to catapult their popularity via reality tv?

Dime: My advice is to keep your brand in mind when wanting to use reality TV as a platform. It can make or break you. As for me, I already had an established brand as a DJ, which is why I went on a DJ based show. I didn’t go on a love search show, or drama-filled show but a show that would expose me as what I do daily. I compete as a female DJ in a male dominated industry which has positive and negative moments which people witnessed on the show. Be yourself, have fun and maintain your integrity because life still goes on after reality TV.

JL: What did you learn about yourself after seeing yourself on tv?

Dime: I learned how passionate I am about DJing. The emotion and drive that I put in ever challenge was clear which is why I believe the judges, the crowd and the audience fought so hard for me to stay. They saw how bad I wanted it and it showed. I also realized that there is a lot I still need to learn and master to become an even better skilled DJ. I’m so grateful for that because this experience has made me tougher and I want to be even more dedicated to perfecting my craft and making a mark within the industry worldwide.

JL: How are you planning on using this new platform to give back to the multiple communities you’re a part of?

Dime: Well after the first episode, I launched my foundation “D.I.M.E.” which stands for “Dedicated to Inspire & Motivate Everyday”. I held my first D.I.M.E. Women’s Conference in April within Chicago hoping to inspire women alike and provide a network for building. I also released my first single “Where My D.I.M.E.’s At?” currently available on iTunes. It is a female empowerment record for all ages. In addition to those ventures, I hope that I inspired at least one person to not let their failures define them but to go after their dreams, turn their no’s into yes’s and love what you do. I strive to do that every day, to be a D.I.M.E. and hope to continue to make my parents proud in all that I do.

JL: You’re into being fit. Can you talk about health and wellness and how that assisted you with participating on the show?

Dime: I realized that your appearance is important. I think people are inspired to look good for others so that they will be accepted with ease but the real focus should be on looking good for you. It isn’t just working out and eating right- it is about being mentally sound, physically fit, emotionally prepared and more. Think about any challenge you’ve faced in your life- what if you were ready for it, can you imagine how much better your performance would’ve been. That is why I am partnering with different service organizations to motivate others to get their mind, body and spirit right so that they can live a healthy, happy and ready life.

JL: Describe the most touching interaction you’ve had with a fan since the show.

Dime: I met a little girl. she was really excited to see me. She was so shy when I approached her. Her mother told me that she watched every episode of Master of the Mix because of me and I was her favorite. That moment was too precious. Her father had a poster printed out that I signed for her and she couldn’t stop hugging me. I love children and to see the smile and joy on her face was so rewarding. The chance to be the inspiration behind it definitely encouraged me to keep going.

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