Coworking in Chicago: Enerspace

Coworking in Chicago: Enerspace

I had a great time and definitely increased my productivity by going to a coworking space while I was in L.A. Now that I am back in Sweet Home Chicago, I need a place to go when I have to get out of the house – and when a coffee shop just won’t do.

Today I checked in at Enerspace Chicago. The location is a bit awkward – 1046 W. Kinzie (entrance on Carpenter just north of Kinzie), but you get to park for free, which is a bonus.  A loft with brick walls and high ceilings, the space is light and airy.  I have been here before but today the place is nicely full and has an energetic buzz to it. Red, orange, and white decor with wood accents make the place cheery and professional.

What I love about it is 1. the great espresso machine and 2. the yoga room. The place is obviously doing well as they are building out another space down the hall that seems to double the total space.

Enerspace Chicago’s pricing is reasonable, and there is a package to fit all budgets. Single day rate is just $20. You might want to check it out if you are looking for somewhere fun to work.

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