Student mentality no way to run the Bulls

I subscribe to several listservs, so when I was reading about an apparent dispute, I thought it was a teacher discussing how one student said this, another student said that, and how students don’t work together, etc.

But wait; I wasn’t reading a listserv.  I was reading reports in the sports pages and on sports websites about the Bulls and now exiled coach Tom Thibodeau.

Whether you like Thibs or not, it’s a good thing he’s gone.  If for no other reason, for his own good.

The job, however, may only be half done.

I don’t have an MBA, but my guess is that somewhere in most MBA programs there’s a course on how to run any companies or organizations you may own.

Hello, Mr. Reinsdorf, are you there?

Reinsdorf has, somehow, done a great job of bringing winners to Chicago – six championships with the Bulks and the 2005 World Series title for the White Sox.

However, while the previous destinations have been great – the recent roads traveled have been worse than traversing Illinois during road construction season.

The Sox had issues with Kenny Williams and Ozzie Guillen and over the past few seasons news about the Bulls, when not dominated Dereck Rose’s knee, has been punctuated with issues between Thibs and the front office, specifically John Paxson and Gar Forman (whom I dub Garth Vader…).

We’re talking a professional sports franchise here.  Big time.  N-B-A – National Basketball Association — not a semi-professional team in Jamestown, New York.

So what are we exposed to?  The same kind of whining we see with school kids.  “Teacher, he didn’t do this, she doesn’t like me…”  Blah. Blah. Blah.

And where is the principal?  Absent.  Quiet.

And then to read about information about what was allegedly said in confidential exit interviews?

Seriously, what the f*ck is going on?  (If you’re not sure what letter the * represents contact me).

The public spewing of the relationship between Paxson, Forman and Thibodeau has not only been annoying, it has been an embarrassment on Chicago’s sports scene.  My guess is if the other companies Reinsdorf owns or has a major stake in ran this way, he would not be in the position he is.

But wait – the fans still come, so does it make a difference?

Would you want to work for a company like that?  How many free agents took a pass on the Bulls because of the “student mentality”?  We’ll never know.

Do every action, there’s a reaction.  In watching the media coverage of the Thibodeau vs. the front office charade, you have to wonder how anyone, especially the team members, could thrive in that situation.

As the late Will Rogers one said, “All I know is what I read in the newspapers.”

If that’s the case, it’s a good thing that Thibodeau is gone – for both his sake and the team’s.

Now all that’s needed is for Reinsdorf to finish the job.

But it seems as though either he doesn’t care – or he doesn’t read the papers.


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  • As noted, the Press Release has a 236 word quote from Reinsdorf, so he certainly endorsed the firing, if not ordered it. This isn't similar to the reported Jerry telling Ozzie "Miami wants you now, are you going to take it?" which was strictly rumor mill. So, despite the rumors, including that the decision would be made "by tomorrow," Jerry did not hide behind this one.

    I would also argue that since the papers are based on either rumors or tweets, instead of journalism, maybe somebody running a company shouldn't read them. Joe Cowley is still fuming over "Jerry liked Kenny better than Ozzie," 3 years later.

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