Sex Sells...Everything

I came across this advertisement purely by accident. I can’t exactly remember what I Googled, but this picture came up.


I laughed at the ludicrousness of it and then my thoughts immediately began to wander as I thought about how many lawn mowers sold because of this busty lady and her wind-blown panties.

Did men honestly picture their wives cutting the lawn (using a rotary push mower none the less) in a mini skirt and top that should be sold at Ye’ Old House of Juggery? Who cares, this company is a marketing genius! Slap a pretty girl on the ad, make her boobs look good and BAM! Sold to the next perverted male who walks through the door.

But this got me thinking even more. There is a new show on the Style network called Built. It’s a show about male models who also happen to be amazing carpenters/plumbers/electricians, whatever. They come to your home dressed in minimal attire and remodel it. All the while the homeowner, obviously a woman, drools, gropes and ogles these men. Once again…insert pervert, but this time it’s a woman. 

Yeah, I kinda want to lick him.

My husband’s claim after viewing the commercial, “See—women are just as perverted as men.” I have no problem with this label. To each his (or should I say her) own. Watch what you want, buy what you want, read what you want!

So when I sat down to write my first book, I kept this idea in the back of my mind. What’s a romance novel without sex? It’s called a fairy tale. My book is definitely not Disney, but it also is not 50 Shades of Grey. Although that woman is a marketing genius, too!

E.L. James took the ebook world by storm. Say what you want about her, but she’s riding the money train straight out of town. Do I think her books would have been so widely popular without the invention of the ereader? Nope. Yes, sex sells, but mostly in private. No one wants to be seen reading erotic romance novels while watching their kid play baseball. What kind of mother are you? But while reading this same book on your iPad, no one is the wiser. For all everyone knows, you’re reading up on the political unrest in Egypt. It’s like wearing kinky underwear. It’s your little secret.

Sex sells to everyone…even women!

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