Ranking the Rocky movies!

First off, thank you to AMC for showing non-stop Rocky movies every night this week. That is just so choice. The event also allows the timely opportunity to rank the installments from one of the greatest film franchises in the history of the Universe.

Surprisingly, I think this is a delicate subject. Weird, right? I mean, we are talking about ranking the Rocky movies!


These movies are soooooo beloved, people feel very strongly about which ones are the best. The only thing nearly everyone agrees on is that Rocky V is the worst (note: nearly everyone).

More than any other movie franchise, the ranking of the Rocky’s is anything but universal. Here is how I rank the movies, and please, no rabbit punches if you disagree… 


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  • I don't know how u think 5 is better than 3?!
    1. 3
    Five was almost as bad as jaws 3!

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