Five Ways to De-Cluttering to Affect your Stress Levels

The past week has brought some new ideas about this concept of de-cluttering I introduced earlier in the week. I talked about how de-cluttering is different than spring cleaning because it goes a bit deeper and digs deeps. It also focuses on aligning with your values and truth (Okay, maybe I didn’t say it in... Read more »

De-cluttering: A tool to Prevent, Reduce and Manage Stress

This is about the time I start thinking about spring cleaning and actually de-cluttering, which is a step beyond the cleaning. Spring cleaning means many things to people; however, de-cluttering is the tool I’ve used to reduce and manage my stress, and at times, prevent some stress. What is “de-cluttering”? First, de-cluttering is more than... Read more »

How You Hold on to the Wish for Stress Reduction

With all the changes in the world today, it’s very easy to get discouraged from keeping that specific thing you to have, happen or be in front of you. Fear, insecurity, and uncertainty are emotions that get triggered when that wish seem impossible. The “how” is-this-going-to-happen just isn’t clear. You know you want this, yet... Read more »

When you Wish upon a Star….keep doing it! Wishing and stress relief

“How do you do it?” I am often asked how I find the time to do all the things I do and keep finding more things to do; go to places I want to be and be the person I want to be. And what I tell them is I’ve used the tool of wishing... Read more »

Five Ways to Apply the R&R tools for Stress Reduction

I decided to take my own advice yesterday and went on a mini-R&R myself. This week I talked about how R&R’s can be a useful stress tool. Monday I explored what these are: Rest and Relaxation and Reflect and Reassess. It was about 11 pm last night when I realized I had not posted as... Read more »

The R&R tool: Two definitions for Stress Relief

It’s the second week of National Stress Awareness Month and this week, I’ll talk about R&R. There is actually two definitions of this one AND both are equally important. The first R&R most people are familiar with: Rest and Relaxation and it refers to just that, resting and relaxing. Most people are not aware that... Read more »

Two Ways to Apply Intention For Stress Awareness Month

It’s after 10 pm as I write this.  One of the things I have learned about intention is the “holding” of this. What do I mean by this? Well, “holding” is a space where whatever intention we have, stays. It tends to disappear when things get overwhelming, uncomfortable, or frustrating. My intention was to write... Read more »

Stress Awareness Month Introduction and What to Expect here

In honor of Stress Awareness month, I decided to try someone different. I’m excited to announce that starting today, I’ll be talking about a stress tool a week and there is a twist. Information is one thing; however, applying that information is quite another.  So on Mondays, I’ll talk about a tool in general and... Read more »

A lesson from the Ganges River about Stress

In pursuit of deepening my spiritual life and practice, I headed to Rishikesh, India, one of the most spiritual places in the world. I stayed at an ashram I heard much about from others, yet did little of my own research about the place. I stay at ashrams to reconnect before the new year, to... Read more »

How a Cupcake Reinforced Gratitude

Yesterday was National Cupcake Day. I’ve been on a natural high since Wednesday and bear with me as I give a little background here. I’m trying to increase my Facebook presence since I’m launching a couple free classes next year (one is on stress, go figure). Increasing my comfort level with using Facebook makes it easier... Read more »