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People , Places and Organizations to Watch: The 2016 Edition

<b>Adiat Baker <p><br>
Adiat is a market research professional with Mintel Group, a leading global market research firm based in London. In addition to her professional duties, she leads her company's charity committee, MintelGives, in implementing partnerships with local non-profits, and supporting employees' philanthropic efforts.

As an aspiring humanitarian, Adiat commits a great deal of her spare time to serving the community, and splits her efforts by contributing to both social service and educational non-profit organizations. She the chairperson of One Hope United’s Ambassador Board and she serves on the auxiliary board for Midtown Educational Foundation, where she has been a tutor and mentor for five years. Adiat also advocates for A Silver Lining Foundation and the Lydia Smith Sickle Cell Foundation. Both organizations focus on health education and accessibility to quality health care for uninsured or underinsured individuals.

Fashion and philanthropy go hand in hand for Adiat, who is a self-proclaimed style enthusiast. She has a passion for fashion, and she is an avid supporter of local and independent designers. She believes fashion is art, and she hopes to work with the fashion community to strengthen the artist-to-consumer relationship in the Chicagoland area. When she's not attending a charity event, you can find her either shopping or sitting on the front row at the fashion shows of her favorite Chicago designers.
This year I’ve decided to expand the annual people to watch blog to include some places of business and  organizations of note.  The 2016 list is a collection of creatives, survivors, business people and visionaries  doing great things each and every day.  Making their mark one day and sometimes one person at at time.  Some... Read more »

LeeAnn Trotter, Nikki Woods, Cynda Williams Headline 220 Publishing’s Annual Book Brunch

LeeAnn Trotter, Nikki Woods, Cynda Williams Headline 220 Publishing’s Annual Book Brunch
  Getting it written is only the beginning; authors have to play a role in promoting their work and their brand, To maintain an edge you must offer something for aspiring authors that other publishing companies do not.  And Saturday at the Book Brunch they will get the chance to see first hand a real... Read more »