New Book Delves into Personal Journeys through manhood. And the Lessons Learned

New Book Delves into Personal Journeys through manhood. And the Lessons Learned

People are always going on about what it means to be a “man”. How strong a man should be. How well of a provider he should be. How men don’t cry. Being a man can also mean you’re constantly instructed about what to do and feel. You have to be a “man” in all situations. Those paths are geared toward the same general goal, making you stronger. But what does it mean to be a boy? How are you supposed to deal with the things men don’t usually sit and speak about; the battles fought? Through the eyes of 13 men, Jaime Gill created Lessons For the Little Boy. This book is that phenomenal opportunity for boys and men, globally, to read the stories of 13 amazing men, ranging in age from 23-66. Hearing their stories of hope, working through the many questions in their lives, and some of the answers they have discovered along the way. The men contributing to this memorable title include: Kenery K. Smith, Jim Smith, Willow James, Glenn Murray, Eric Hampton, Kevin Whitaker, Peyton Rose, Lionel Hilaire Carlo Kennedy, Fred Arnold, Shawn Mason, Mel Roberson, and Robert Hazzard Jr.

Throughout the book, each author presents a different seasoning to this collaborative anthology that chronicles a reflective journey to and through manhood! Each chapter is a revelation for overcoming adversity. These 13 different perspectives help the reader to truly understand and find first-hand solutions four the various paths life can take you down. Some of these individuals have grown to become architects, Divine Nine
powerhouses, visionaries, and more. The stories will inspire you to constantly improve regardless of your environment.

Lessons For The Little Boy is a part of the “THE LESSONS SERIES”, which will include Lessons For The Little Girl 1 and 2. Ms. Gill tells us that “These books are a part of my contribution to the world to inspire and encourage self-reflection. It is in part, the heart of my #iWrite movement. W-willingly R-risking I -introspection for T-transformation and E-elevation. Writing has always been my escape and also my relief in the best and worst times of my life. As I continue to journey this life, I realize the great risk in self-reflection. But there is so much more gain in reflecting and doing the
necessary work for growth and healing” (Jamie Gill). Experience their lessons in life, love, career, friendship, family, fatherhood, losing those
you love, faith, and so much more. Lessons For The Little Boy is published by 220 Publishing and will be available on Amazon and wherever books are sold on January 2, 2022.

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