Talk Show Provides Raw, Open, Honest Platform for Men

Talk Show Provides Raw, Open, Honest Platform for Men

Full Disclosure, I am cast member and producer for the show I’m writing about in this blog “Live from the Cave”

What started as a way to keep connected in the early days of COVID 19 has now turned into almost 100 shows that range from hilariously funny to extremely serious.  5 guys who basically talk as if no one else is in the virtual room.  That’s what “Live from the Cave” is.  A safe space for guys to be “guys” but its never what an outsider would think. The show airs weekly on Thursdays on streaming network Inde TV.

The cast is made up of Robert Hazzard Jr. (CEO of the Hazzard Group), Mel Roberson (Entrepreneur and Actor) host Shawn Mason (Photographer and Music Artist) and me.  We invite in one guest each week and the five of us chat about everything from relationships to red rooms.  We’ve held special shows on marriage, racial unrest and even relationships.  We talked about the ones that got away, the husbands we hope to be and the women we do and don’t want in our lives.

The Cast: Mel Roberson, Robert Hazzard Jr., Shawn Mason, Glenn Murray

Our show doesn’t go without its challenges.  There is something about women having to listen to men without being able to rebut our statements, claims and rants that sometimes grate on them.  I’ve received several “suggestions” that a woman should be added to the show to “offer a different point of view”.   I’ve had women tell me that we’re misogynistic, and we make fun of women (these are minority views).  The majority of responses to the show have been overwhelmingly positive.  We’ve done the show live (ironically the only time we’ve all done the show live in the same room) at this year’s Expo for Today’s Black Woman.  We, along with the producers point those naysayers in the direction of the many talk shows featuring all female cast members.  “Women have their own shows, they have tons of them” quoted co-Executive Producer Keisha Rose.  “We keep the show about men, for men but we welcome everyone to listen” added Executive Producer and Inde Network General Manager Rodger Jackson. “And its particularly relevant to note that our audience is 80% women.  And we see a significant increase in followers when we are discussing relationships. For all the protest about the male points of view at times they definitely draw the ratings”.  The cast doesn’t shy away from other points of view as we’ve hosted a diverse guest list to share the virtual stage. Guests have included former NBA player Josh Powell, celebrity chef Pat Neely and actor Ben Stephens.

We’d like to think it’s our charm, but I really believe it’s the way we tackle subjects head on.  We held an emotionally difficult show focusing on the George Floyd and Ahmaud Arbery murders.  Our marriage episode was one of the more popular.  The all relationship episode is another favorite.  We did a show the night after the death Chadwick Boseman that remains one of the most memorable for me.  We invite you to listen in to a group of professional mean discussing their preferences their pet peeves and most importantly their fears and emotions on several topics. We’ve talked about what makes us mad what makes us cry and what brings us joy.  You may disagree but we guarantee you’ll be entertained and hopefully enlightened by what men really talk about beyond sports.

The great thing about the show is now we have such a chemistry that we can go in “blind” on topics and generate a very real hour of solid conversation.  We’re expanding to do more live shows in 2022 including a road tour starting in Richmond VA that we hope to add more cities to very soon. 

“Live from the Cave” streams live weekly Thursdays at 9PM on Inde network via Facebook Live and their YouTube Channel. You can catch past episodes here.

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