The "People 2 Watch" List For 2021

All good things….you know the saying.  After 10+ years of  featuring individuals locally and nationally we have come to the last People 2 Watch List.  I’ll still be writing about people doing great things but the lists will be “retired”.  The 2021 “People to Watch” list has an amazing group of entrepreneurs, creatives and businesspeople.   Stories of overcoming odds, creating their own lanes, and making a difference in their industry.  I’m proud to close the curtain with this great group of people. 

Melinda and Delfondo Herron

Founded in 2015 by Melinda and Delfondo Herron, (CEO and COO, Respectively) 103 Collection is a true blend of luxury and plant-based products formulated for a Conscious Lifestyle.  Our Mission is to provide healthier options for Men & Women in the beauty space.  Through education and wellness, we’ve created products that have become essential for consumers that have sensitive skin, chronic skin conditions and desire healthy hair growth.  Our line is inclusive of plant-based Hair, Skin and Beard Care, and has been featured in major publications such as British GQ, Vegancuts, VegNews, Sheen Magazine and Kinder Beauty Box.

Melinda and Delfondo have been married for 16 years and have three wonderful 3 sons, Donell, Daelon and Mekhi.  They love making products that make life easier for so many, family time, hosting dinner parties, cooking together and traveling.  Delfondo Herron has over 25 years of experience in transportation with a bachelor’s degree in business management.  Delfondo is a dedicated brother, friend and associate and most importantly a GOD-fearing man.  He enjoys giving back to the community, helping others, and bringing a sound voice in the middle of chaotic situations.  He has a knack for investing in stock, pre-IPO and people.  Melinda Herron has been an entrepreneur for 20+ years with industry experience as a cosmetologist, event planner, and beauty curator.  She holds a Masters of Science in Health Administration and a Bachelor of Arts in Business Management.  Melinda centers herself in positivity and happiness as she shares her expertise with other entrepreneurs looking to network and collaborate through Luxe Peech (a curated platform for Black and Latina owned brands) and She The Icon Podcast that highlights the stories of women entrepreneurs.

Big Move for 2021

Our Big Move for 2021 is to introduce new products, celebrate 6 years with a brand relaunch and partner with a big box retailer. 


Brian Schodorf

Brian Schodorf is a television and film producer, director, and writer with 19 Regional Emmy Nominations and 6 Emmy Awards. His most recent documentary film, Chicago at the Crossroad, won 5 Regional Emmy Awards in 2020.  producer, director, writer, and editor with over a decade of experience in television and video production. He is the Executive Producer of Schodorf Media Creative. His passion for storytelling and revealing the life, struggle, and hope of people in everyday society through film and video has gained him national recognition. His documentary films and entertainment shows have earned numerous awards including; Telly Awards, 12 Emmy-Nominations, and an Emmy Award in 2012 for his feature documentary “The Wayman Tisdale Story”. In 2013 Schodorf was named the Media Professional of the Year in his home state of Kansas by the Topeka Capital Journal. Schodorf has developed a trademark style of tackling social issues and revealing the interconnectedness of politics, social systems, and the human heart. Schodorf is currently producing and directing his 4th independent documentary and working with large and small clients in various industry verticals across the country. He resides in Chicago, IL and is a graduate of Columbia College Chicago with a Bachelors Degree in Television Production and a Masters Degree in Media Management.

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Chicago at the Crossroad


Michael Donnelly

Michael Donnelly has been planning memorable experiences since her 7th birthday party at Leaps n’ Bounds. While consulting for clients nationally on digital marketing initiatives, sales, sponsorship, events, operational strategy, increasing revenue, or as Founder of the FWD (For Women & Diversity) Collective, a community dedicated to professional inclusion; she carries the same tenacity as her 7y/o self, leading with the idea that “business gets done when people have fun.”

Michael has worked with DHL, Microsoft, Verizon, Intel, Urban Decay,, Keratin Complex, L’Oréal, the American Marketing Association, Walker Sands, and a variety of SMB’s and start-ups on projects ranging from shaking up ‘the way things have always been done’ to figuring out how to rev-up sales or launch a new concept to bring more dollars in the door. +She has been the force behind building, producing, and expanding some of the Midwest’s most popular large-scale tech and business events.

Michael’s vibrant personality shines through in constructing creative experiences, content, and campaigns for clients, as well as in her time on camera for the re_define work series she piloted with where Michael reported live at national events.

Michael lives in Chicago with her pup Lux, loves to standup paddle-board, serves on a few local charity and non-profit boards, and is all about the #scrappytosavvy life.

BUT, what is “Experience Design” — Experience design or XD is the practice of designing processes, services, events, omni-channel journeys, products, and environments with a focus placed on the quality of the user experience and culturally relevant solutions. Michael’s expertise is marrying marketing, business development, operations, and real-life experiences/events to create a meaningful impact for your brand and bottom line. 

Big Move For 2021?

A Very FWD February FWD Collective 2021 Summit (the virtual:

A Very FWD February (our 2021 virtual summit) is a new choose your own adventure event experience featuring women & POC for the experts that we are rather than the boxes we check. 

Event content will be released live throughout the last week of February, and available to watch/re-watch throughout the week and the week following the event to accommodate the varying needs of our ever-changing schedules. 

Content will be a mash-up of traditional action-packed professional development presentations…AND…a celebration of arts, culture, and community, ranging from on-screen collaborations, to off-screen adventures and activities.

FWD Collective Membership launched! Details here:

“Scrappy to Savvy”: Securing Sponsor Dollars Course launched!

Details here:

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Megan Stokes 

Megan Stokes is a pianist, teacher, composer hailing from Chicago, Illinois. Ms. Stokes has performed at a number of venues which include but not limited to:  Universities, Women’s Day Services, concerts, church conferences, youth concerts, and festivals.  She has appeared on television shows, radio broadcasts, and she has also worked as a pianist on the Empire television production. Megan Stokes received a bachelor’s degree in piano performance from Roosevelt University Chicago College of Performing Arts (CCPA) and master’s degree from Northern Illinois University School of Music.  Megan has studied with some of the world’s most sought-after pianists.  Megan enjoys mentoring and instructing her piano students, she is a member of the Chicago Music Association, Zeta Phi Beta Sorority and the Chicago Federation of Musicians.  Ms. Stokes is a recipient of various music scholarships, prizes, and competitions. 

 Big Move For 2021? 

“One move for me in 2021 is doing more music for film and television.  I’ve done some work on Empire, and I’d love to do more of that for movies and more.”

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IG- @meganpiano


Heidi Kohz

Born Out West, brief stint Back East, became her best in the Midwest, Heidi Kohz has a diverse background straddling both hemispheres (of her brain).  Known for organizing and wrangling skills in the business world, she now strongly embraces her first love: the arts.  She has a BA in music performance and training in dance which has been ever-present in her life since she was a wee one.  To that basket of goodies she has added photography, water color painting, writing, languages and is a connector of like-minded folks who should get to know each other better.  Heidi is moved by beauty in things both great and small and desires to inspire others to see the world in different ways.

Big Move For 2021?

Completing and publishing a coffee table book of her father’s scenic photography of Lake Tahoe and the surrounding area.

Finding a home for her new artist loft space: an intimate venue for performance, learning, connecting and collaborating, in a post-covid world.

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Karlton T. Clay

Karlton T. Clay has always loved to write.  He began writing at a very young age.  But it wasn’t until his time at Davidson Fine Arts School in Augusta, GA that he began to get involved in production and wanting to use his gift of writing as his career. 

At the age of 16, Clay was diagnosed with acute lymphoma leukemia.  However, instead of succumbing to this terrible disease in his life, Karlton decided that he was going to persevere.  From this, VICTORY PRODUCTIONS was born.  Under Victory Productions, Karlton has written, produced, and directed several theatre productions, short films, and 15 award-nominated and award-winning web serials:  College Daze (September 2007-January 2011), The Lyons Den (February 2012-present), Karma (September 2014-April 2017), Lovers Lane (August 2015-December 2019), Color Blind (November 2015-February 2017), Ex-Factor (December 2016-present),  BrothAhood (January 2017-present), Bondage (September 2017-present),  Sweet Mahogany (February 2018-November 2018), My Best Friend (March 2018-present), In The Nick Of Time (July 2018-present), Peace Be Steel (February 2019-present), SistAhood (June 2019-present), The MAINE Way (January 2020-present), and My Life (April 2020-present). 

Sweet Mahogany was picked up for distribution by Maverick Movies making it Karlton’s first feature length film. Sweet Mahogany was released digitally on Amazon Prime, Fandango NOW, and Vudu streaming services April 14, 2020 and on Tubi September 1, 2020.  Karlton’s second film Reindeer Games was released via Maverick Movies November 1, 2020 on Tubi and Amazon Prime, Fandango NOW, Hoopla, and Vudu November 3, 2020; it was released on DVD and other platforms including Crackle, RokuTV, and IMDBTV on December 1, 2020. 

In 2017, Karlton was named one of the Top 10 Young Professionals of Augusta by the Augusta Chamber of Commerce.  In 2018, he was named one of Georgia’s Top 40 Under 40 Professionals by Georgia Trend Magazine.  In 2020, he was named the Greater Augusta Art Council’s Artist of The Year.

Big Move For 2021?

Karlton will be releasing more films with Maverick Movies premiering in 2021:  Sweet Mahogany 2 (February 2021), Redemption For Easter (March 2021), My Brother’s Keeper (April 2021), and SistAhood (May 2021).  Karlton will also be ending his longest running series The Lyons Den with a total of 100 episodes which could possibly be the longest running webseries to date (2012-2021).  Also under Victory Productions, Karlton will be embarking on writing and producing his 400th episode. 

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Instagram & Twitter – @vpnpresents


Jennifer Crowley

Jennifer Crowley is a Certified Life Coach and Leadership Consultant, inspiring action and supporting change through her practice, Changeable Coaching. There, she works primarily with women looking to overcome challenges and make important changes in their lives.

In her role as consultant, she works directly with entrepreneurs to help strengthen their leadership skills and assist them in creating collaborative cultures of excellence, drawing on her previous experience as an executive in the wine and spirits industry.

Prior to her professional life as coach and consultant, she enjoyed a successful 20-year career on the distribution side of the fine wine business, culminating in a regional position as Vice-President, General Manager Midwest, for a large international import and distribution company.

Jen lives in Chicago with her son, Liam, and their rescue dog, Buck.

To find out more about her coaching services, please visit To inquire about her consulting services, please contact her at

Big Move For 2021?

To say that 2020 was a challenging year is an understatement. I feel that it’s time to take the lessons learned last year about what’s important, and what we want in our lives, and move forward. I can’t imagine a better time for us to prepare for our next great things.

I am grateful for having had the time and the energy to write a book this past year, and it will be available late spring or early summer on Amazon and through other outlets. Ever Wish You Got Hit by a Truck? A Woman’s Manual for Bravely Changing Lanes at any Age connects with women of all ages seeking change. The title speaks to the fact that too many women today are struggling or feel stuck where they are, and some secretly wish for something to bring change to their lives or even put them out of their misery.

Through this book, using an orderly process that includes inspiration, preparation, and building their own plan, women will be empowered to bring change on their own terms. I’ve written an easy-to-use guidebook that quickly teaches important lessons and tools so women can bring great habits and practices into their lives shortly after they start reading. And begin transforming themselves soon after.

I firmly believe that I’ve been put on this planet to help women be fearless in the face of change. I’ve shared my story of struggle in this book and through The Face of Chicago Business Podcast, to encourage women to let themselves be seen as they truly are and connect with their best supporters so they can write their own success stories of change. My greatest find on this journey has been creating community with good hearted men and women that also want to bring good to the world and I’m looking forward to 2021 with optimism for us all. 

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Lizzie G


Elizabeth “Lizzie G” Elie is a professional independent teaching artist also known as an “educated female rapper” with hands-on experience working with youth at grass root levels.  Beginning a career in working with Chicago Public Schools where arts is appropriately needed, her work has allowed youth to maintain a vibrant positive community of value.  The role she plays as an emcee, mentor and entertainer stimulates innovation, creativity, and critical thinking to increase civic engagement in students for our world today.  Studies show that exposure to arts and music education programs play a role significantly in decreasing student dropout rates when students are motivated by programs through Lizzie G Entertainment to pursue their dreams and natural talents while gaining an education – you can do both! To learn more about Lizzie G, visit

Big Move for 2021?

Becoming a real estate agent in Illinois, filming more music videos from latest album Embrace The Grind and reaching over 200 schools through In person and or online arts and music education programs.

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Instagram and Twitter: @Lizzieeg30


Tamara R. Allen

Some might call Tamara Allen a serial entrepreneur, but she just calls herself a visionary who wants to see people win and not at the expense of true equity and equality being realized.  “Every business and every endeavor that I have is with a clear vision and purpose in mind.  Many of which often go beyond my own understanding.” 

She is the Co-Founder and Chief Visionary Officer of The Be! Agency, a diversity based global marketing, events, and management consulting agency that was created to help solve some of the unique challenges that minority and women owned businesses of varied stages of growth and creativity often face. She is also the Co-Founder and Board President of BE! @ Community Initiatives, a nonprofit whose mission is to cultivate and execute solution-centered unifying initiatives, collaborative partnerships, and community connections that help to strengthen the lives of families, communities, and individuals. The organization is less than a year old and has already collaborated on a national initiative with Los Angeles based nonprofit Pull Up Neighbor on two national tours in partnership with minority led nonprofits, Black Men Vote and The Players Alliance. BE! @ CI has also created the Be Fit & Get Healthy Initiative to decrease the health disparities in diverse communities of color and The Trauma & Anti-Racism Initiative where they are hosting panels, workshops, courses, and support resources to place mental health in focus. 

One of Tamara’s favorite quotes is by Bishop T.D. Jakes who once stated that “Everything God ever used went through a dark place. The dark place is a prerequisite to greatness.” She uses that quote to center herself in her own journey and to also uplift others who have and are still facing adversity. It also helped to inspire her to become a Co-Founder of TPD Chicago, a new city- based cannabis company whose model was created because the founders of The People’s Dispensary (National) did not see themselves reflected in the regulated cannabis industry. “People of color, women, LGBTQ+ people, disabled, veterans, formerly incarcerated, and people with chronic illnesses are the people who not only need this medicine the most but have also been criminalized the most for their relationship with it.  However, women and people of color make up a very small percentage of ownership in the industry. That must change and the only way it will is for people like me to not just be at the table but to create the table.”

Big Move For 2021?

This year Tamara will be focusing on building the board for BE! @ CI, increasing revenue and visibility for The Be! Agency and TPD Chicago, as well as co-producing a national health and wellness tour. And, if that’s not enough, she’s also co-producing a feature film with her team at Dark Berry Productions and working to launch a newly innovative investment model built to support women and people of color. 

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Instagram @drivenwoman25 


Grisel Perez

Brief Bio 

Beauty and SFX makeup is my passion.  Blessed to be able to share my gifts with streaming TV, movie, and the music world.  My face is my daily canvas and occasionally, my husband and son will experience the creative craziness when they find themselves transformed into other worldly characters with the magic of makeup!

Big Move For 2021?

  • Praying to pickup all the projects put on hold because of covid 19 and connecting with other film producers. 

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IG @gperez496


Terrence Carey

Terrence Carey is an actor, comedian and writer, born and raised in Madison, Wisconsin’s Southside, and sautéd and seasoned in Chicago’s South Loop. He’s a co-founding member of Chicago based improvised-spoken word collective, PREACH!, a comedy troupe, production company and community organizing space of artists and activists dedicated to healing through comedy, performance and the spoken word. 

Terrence is a Columbia College Chicago grad, a year away from a tenure in the city of chicago and his young acting career. A few previous credits including: The Second City’s 44th e.t.c. Revue, The Steppenwolf Look Out Series, Comedy Central’s SouthSide; BET’s Holiday Heist; NBC’s Chicago Med; and the best friend in that Tony Romo Corona beer commercial in 2018.

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IG: @tbabytheshamann


Tamara Edwards

Hi, I’m Tamara Edwards and I’m the Founder and Dir of Communications of TE&Co.I help national leaders tell their stories, sharpen their voices, earn the trust of their immediate audiences, and raise their profiles in a way that makes sense for their business or brand.

My background in communications, scheduling, and logistics for a high-profile Member of the U.S. House of Representatives gave me the tools and experience to lend PR and political campaign tactics towards clearly defined business goals.

They say it takes two years minimum to build a brand — and I’ve been at this my entire life. In college, I had my own policy discussion talk show on CAN-TV. By the time I was 24, I worked my way into the Federal government in DC and on Capitol Hill —and was recognized as one of the top ten Schedulers in the U.S. Congress. Before returning to Chicago to begin my entrepreneurial career, I was selected as a featured speaker at TEDx – Congress editon. And within a year of starting TE&Co., I was featured in Voyage Magazine and a “person to know” in a popular Chicago blog —and a ‘30 under 30’ award from the Publicity Club of Chicago.

I built TE&Co. to work hard.

Big Move For 2021?

So much!!  First, let me say that I NEVER thought I’d be a business owner, let alone an “entrepreneur.” Three years into starting my own business, and I have only recently realized that this is not just what I do, but who I am.  I run a PR + communications company where we help business leaders sharpen their voices, earn the trust of their immediate communities, and raise their profile in a way that makes sense for their professional objectives. We’ve had tremendous success positioning and earning industry, national, and local coverage for our clients across the board — from personal brands, start-ups, and corporate companies. 

That said, the big move for 2021 is to GROW. We are under the hood in TE&Co., automating and expanding our services + experiences to make sure we’re supporting people with their goals AND meeting them at a price point that makes sense for everyone. Anyone in a services-based business knows how much behind the scenes work goes into the customer experience. I’ve also become obsessed with expanding my business operations portfolio, so I’ve been shopping ideas to engage in franchise, venture capital, equity partnerships, and more. We shall see!!

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Pennie Crockett

Lashonda “Pennie” Crockett a Chicago native who was a Professor of Health Science where she has worked for ten years preparing students for future careers in healthcare. Now CEO of Pennie’s Tea. She help start-ups and product business to grow and scale their business.
I am an educator, author, entrepreneur, a tea sommelier, business coach, speaker and health professional with a Master’s Degree in Health and an serial entrepreneur who doesn’t mind sharing the secrets of better health and better business vitality.
As a Survivor of domestic violence, it has become Pennie’s mission to increase awareness of the aftermath, both mentally and physically, of domestic violence and how to live with the trauma. Utilizing the power of specially-blended tea recipes, Pennie combines the healing potential of her brews with the message that health and wellness can help you heal. She wants to continue to help other women find their passion and strength like she did through her teas. She’s helping and healing one sip at a time. 

She has built an international business and brand that supports her number one mission…be made whole again.

Big Move For 2021?

“My big 2021 move is to walk into my season with massive breakthroughs and to embrace the overflow of blessings that God has given me!”

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Janice Oda-Gray 

Janice Oda-Gray  is a Finance professional currently working in a Finance role in government, she also has a Tax preparation service.   

Janice is active in her community and serves in various capacities at her Church. In addition, she was appointed by the Governor to serve as a Commissioner for the Expanded Mental Health initiative.  Under her leadership the West Side Expanded Mental Health Center opened its doors serving West Side communities in October 2019.  Janice is a member of the National Coalition of 100 Black Women Chicago Metropolitan Chapter, a Board Member at Prevention Partnership, and a member of Alpha Kappa Alpha – Tau Gamma Omega Chapter.

Janice has a weekly broadcast on Intellectual Radio – Voices of Change which focuses on social change and empowerment within underserved communities.  In addition, Janice is the Production manager at Gray Van Entertainment and played an integral role in the recent Movie, “In Demand” and the recent stage play Reverend David and Sister Bathsheba.  Janice is also a professional singer (Gospel and Jazz) and was part of the choir for the newly released cd “It’s Over It’s alright”.  Janice has 4 adult children.

Big Move For 2021?

“I had the opportunity to do a voice and loved it, would like to do more voice-overs in 2021.  I would also like to have a show to interview and discover new talent (artistic or literary) for 2021.  Look out the Janice Oda-Gray show is coming!”

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Jay Harris

Jay Harris: Cocktails, Passion & Entrepreneurship Hospitality is the beating heart of beverage service. That hospitality manifests the desire to host, to engage, to bring life to the party! Meet Jay Harris, owner of Drinks On Me Catering (DOMC). Jay is a skilled hospitality pro, with a spirit driven by elevating experiences in cocktail catering and hospitality. Known for his creative beverage chops and being a man of the people, his passion to deliver quality cocktail service can turn a blank slate of zero ideas into a delicious, drinkable spread for any occasion. Jay’s road to entrepreneurship began humbly, right here in the Windy City. He was born in the Robert Taylor Home Projects in 1975 and grew up in a single-parent household in the inner city of Chicago. He had to grow up fast. The eldest of two, Jay was regularly called upon to be the innovative, hard working backbone—to achieve goals set before him. To goal set, to develop a game plan, to be a voice of encouragement. “I will always remember and be grateful for my humble beginnings because from small beginnings come great things.” As a college student, Jay was a master event organizer and aspired to be a nightclub owner. He built an enthusiasm around the allure of social affairs. A graduate of Illinois State University with a degree in Sociology and Mass Communications, Jay was also intrinsically motivated by people, experiences and rapport. So when he returned to Chicago and found corporate America less than fulfilling, he found himself open to a brand-new journey which reignited his passion to be about people and their celebrations. Jay’s entrepreneurial journey started with the establishment of an event promotions company called The Soulstice Group in 2001. The company’s goal was to coordinate social events in uncommon venues and spaces. One of the most memorable events was held inside of 3 large freight elevators in a warehouse! These were exhilarating times but as any small business owner knows, money isn’t easy from the get-go. To make ends meet, Jay was a bartender in the lively, trendsetting nightclub scene in Chicago. That experience is where the vision for Drinks On Me Catering began, after seeing firsthand the disconnect with bar serviceability, cocktail ingenuity and the standard event norm. Jay would notice a nightclub owner sitting at the bar every night, in the same corner seat and had little to no involvement with the event itself. It seemed impersonal. He wanted to create something where celebration and pleasure in the cocktail experience was not a second thought. Jay soon combined the ideas of The Soulstice Group and his bartending know-how and launched Drinks On Me! Jay first began running Drinks On Me out of his home. Fast forward to today, he’s had an extraordinary commitment to servicing Chicago and surrounding Illinois areas with top notch cocktail experiences for both large and small scale events alike. With the growth of Drinks On Me over the years, he has been approached by numerous exemplary organizations including, but not limited to, the Field Museum, Chicago Cultural Center and NBC Chicago. Entrepreneurship is not without its obstacles. With the onset of COVID-19, Jay is using the setback as a chance to ramp up production on a part of the cocktail catering landscape he’s wanted to pivot to and tackle for some time. With Drinks On Me cocktail kits he wants to give the people a no-fuss opportunity to take charge of their at-home bar and bring the magic of the professional cocktail experience comfortably into their homes or to be able to send that experience directly to the doors of a friend, colleague, family member… you name it! To be hospitable from afar, in the age of social distance measures. So send a cocktail kit today and tell them you’ve got the tab tonight: “DRINKS ON ME”!

Big Move For 2021

Expanding Our Services

Recognizing the benefits of a more comprehensive offering and the opportunities and benefits of marketing and scale, DOMC is expanding to add services that are complementary to Brand Manufacturer and Retail Partnerships. Our goal is to assist manufacturers in attaining revenue growth and garnering brand loyalty by combining product promotions through the following Drinks On Me Chicago channels:

  • THE BAR wDrinks On Me Catering: offers a seamless solution to your beverage needs. We specialize in Professional Bar Catering and pride ourselves in superior hospitality focus and customer service. We offer a variety of bar packages at competitive rates. Drinks On Me offers its services to private events, ie..Social, Corporate, Wedding, Residential events and any event which cocktails are desired.
  • ONLINE wDrinks On Me Liquors: Get the Drinks On Me experience from the comforts of your couch. Purchase your favorite spirits or wine online for a future event or to be delivered to your door within an hour! (OR) Break the cycle of rummaging through archives of cocktail recipes or overbuying ingredients. Opt for our hand-packaged cocktail kits delivered directly to you. It’s Drinks On Me, at your service.
  • EVENTS wDrinks On Me Marketing & Events: Creating Sponsored Cocktail Focused Event Experiences with custom themes, menus, live entertainment and, of course, Craft Cocktails!

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Twitter- @drinksonmecater


Rodger Jackson

“Wanting to quit is not failure, quitting is.”  That is the spirit with which Rodger tackles life and his career.

Rodger Jackson is Co-Founder and Managing Partner of Independent Network Television (INTV). INTV is an independent production company based in Chicago. The facility has 3 private editing rooms, a private 1,000sq ft bar and two studios for filming.

Rodger’s background is in Process Management and has excellent analytical and communication skills. He has been recognized by management and peers for innovative thinking and ability to get results without authority. His work has provided him with the opportunity to directly report to the White House. He has held private meetings with Sgt. Major of the Army Raymond Chandler III, Congresswoman Tammy Duckworth and local billionaire Col. J. N. Pritzker.

One of the most important goals of INTV is to be the first production company in Chicago that offers distribution. They were the first to own an online streaming channel in Chicago,  There are other independent production and post production companies, but none provide distribution and advertising. We want to provide filmmakers with exposure and the opportunity to get paid. We spend our advertising dollars, sometimes anonymously, on artists who need to get outside of their circle of family and friends.

INTV has apps that can be downloaded on iTunes and Google play.

Big Move For 2021?

“Well, there is no business plan for a pandemic. INTV has had to pivot to more of a post house than production company. We have also moved deeper into the streaming space with new shows. Our big move in 2021 is to create more virtual shows, build our audience and get behind artists who are really struggling this year. “

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Corri Fetman

Corri Fetman is the President of the boutique law firm known as “Corri Fetman & Associates, Ltd.” Fetman’s law firm focuses on marital and family law, divorce, custody, support, prenuptial and postnuptial agreements, and the formation of and representation of businesses in corporate law matters. 

Corri Fetman has taken on many roles in her illustrious career. To some she is known as one of Chicago’s most well-known attorneys, to others as Playboy magazine’s former popular advice columnist, the “Love Lawyer”, and to many more as the mastermind behind the internationally-recognized billboard campaign, “Life’s Short. Get a Divorce”.  Fetman’s edgy advertising campaign brought notoriety to her law firm and allowed her make her mark in the traditionally uptight world of legal marketing. The local marketing billboard went viral only after one week of exposure in Chicago. The invaluable media attention garnered by the campaign came from spots on numerous radio shows, CNN, MSNBC, FOX, CNN, MTV, Inside Edition, WGN Chicago, ABC Chicago, CBS Chicago, and Good Morning America, and national and international exposure with prospective clients who identified with her message. 

Fetman is a firm believer that life IS very short and everyone deserves to live their best life and be happy. Fetman is extremely mindful that divorce can very scary and a difficult decision especially when children are involved.  As Fetman knows from having spent two plus decades in the court room, the root of most peoples’ fears about divorce lies in feeling intimidated by the thought of a drawn-out court process and being unprepared for what might be asked of them when proceedings get tricky. Fetman consistently preaches that preparation and strategy are the most critical components in successfully navigating any legal matter. 

Fetman has recently transformed her former “Love Lawyer” written advice column into a video marketing frenzy. Fetman’s new “Love Lawyer” video marketing series seeks to educate and eliminate highly common legal worries by breaking down the barriers into easily understood, positive and entertaining videos. In her videos, Fetman provides fun hot tips on how to circumvent the most typical problems that arise during divorce and custody proceedings, relationship and dating advice, litigation guidance,  corporate law tips and so much more. Fetman’s daily videos can be viewed on all of her social media and on her website at the links provided above (Tik Tok, Facebook, Instagram, twitter, website and Linked In). 

Big Move For 2021?

Absolutely!!  Fetman is super excited about 2021. Stay tuned and follow Fetman’s exciting journey on her website and social media channels. Thank you!!

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Instagram: @corrilaw

Twitter: @corrifetman

Tik Tok: @lovelawyer


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