Quarantine Creativity - The "King Maker" - Reese LaFrances

Quarantine Creativity - The "King Maker" - Reese LaFrances
My series on entrepreneurs finding and launching creative businesses/products during the pandemic today features Reese LaFrances and her business The King Maker Concierge.  Here’s her story in her own words.
THE KING MAKER: Reese LaFrances
Actually a year ago I knew I was ready to pivot. The majority of my career has been in the nonprofit sector and has afforded me the opportunity to facilitate evidence-based SEL curricula to empower thousands of teen girls. Over the last 5 years I slightly shifted my focus from girls and founded one of Chicago’s premier organizations for women, The Young Women Professionals League (YWPL). Since its inception, YWPL has honored and inducted 200 influential women leaders as well as served over 500 young women ages 18-24 through our college completion and workforce development initiatives. 
While working The League, my brother-kings would often inquire why there was nothing like YWPL for men. At that time I didn’t have an answer. Though empathetic to their request, I wasn’t certain what a movement for men would look like. So I often replied, I’m not a man so maybe if one of you start it I can assist. I’ll never forget a brother-king’s response to my reply. He said, “Reese, men don’t do things like this for other men. You’re going to have to do it.”. That conversation happened four years ago and in January 2020 this concept was finally ideated.
I am excited to use the knowledge and skills I’ve gained to empower girls and women to now build a network that specifically supports and enhances the quality of life for men. The King Maker Concierge (KMC Chicago) is a membership-based company that provides monthly curated experiences and offers members exclusive access to our business and lifestyle services to manage tasks, improve efficiency, and enhance their overall quality of life.
KMC Chicago extends a personal monthly membership to “THE KING’S CLUB” for men who want to increase their social capital through private events, curated experiences, and exclusive products/services. We also offer our members personalized business and lifestyle packages to manage essential tasks to free up your most priceless commodity – YOUR TIME. Our business assistants, lifestyle managers, and selected vendors are ready to give our clients dedicated attention to execute according to their specific needs, working style, and preferences.
For more information, visit our website www.thekingmakerconcierge.com. “Every man deserves to feel like a King. Let us adjust your crown!”


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