Quarantine Creativity - Author Debuts Cartoon Based on Popular Book Series

Quarantine Creativity - Author Debuts Cartoon Based on Popular Book Series
My Series on COVID Creativity, highlighting individuals who have excelled during the pandemic. Today we feature author/producer/entrepreneur  Myrtis Randolph.
This past May, Myrtis Randolph received a grant to produce her children’s book series Yoyo Don’t Play That!  as a live action cartoon.  Not wasting any time, Myrtis went to work securing a company for production and this weekend the Yoyo Don’t Play That! cartoon  will air weekly on the Preach the Word Worldwide Television NetworkThe network has a global viewership of 50 million homes and devices.
“Often the issues that children face daily are dismissed as insignificant to that of adults. Unaddressed issues can lead to life-long emotional trauma and future maladaptive adult behavior.  The Yoyo Don’t Play That! children’s book series help children address issues from a biblical perspective.  The main character Randi and her special yo-yo provide children with alternatives to face their issues and corresponding Bible verses for the respective actions.”

In the book series,  the Little Rock, AR  native addresses such topics as fear, bullying, lying, stealing, low self-esteem, etc.  Myrtis has had book signings in various Barnes and Nobles and at locally owned bookstores within the United States, and in schools and churches in Accra, Ghana and Johannesburg, South Africa.  Parents, church officials, and school administrators have given rave reviews on both the Fear and Bullying books; noting they have seen a positive change in behavior from the youth who have read them.


Randolph utilizes her faith in God and her background in Public Health to create a Christian book series for young readers.  As a previous Sunday school teacher and Vacation Bible School coordinator, she has participated in educating youth in her church for many years.  Her primary career is in healthcare and enjoys training hospital staff and the public on innovative healthcare products and trends.  In 2018, she merged her two passions to launch the Yoyo Don’t Play That! children’s book series. 

 Myrtis hopes to motivate children around the world to see themselves as the Creator of the Universe sees them and to live their best lives. Her work is inspired by the biblical scripture in Proverbs 22:6, “Start children off on the way they should go, and even when they are old they will not turn from it” (New International Version).

 For more information on all things Yoyo Don’t Play That! visit the website www.yoyodontplaythat.com and follow Yoyo Don’t Play That! on all major social media platforms.



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  • The author is a hero of our time! Such literature is always in short supply. How wonderful that there are now such books for children.

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