People, Places, and Organizations to Watch in 2018

Watch =To look at or observe attentively, typically over a period of time…..

The 2018 edition of my annual people places and organizations to watch blog looks at some rising stars in the creative, philanthropic, business, fashion and health and beauty fields.  People you need to get to know, work with, follow and support. Also, I’ve included a charitable organization that I enjoy helping to support their mission of rebuilding lives and renewing hope and lastly the already popular Italian restaurant known for its great menu and welcoming staff.  They are making a name for themselves not only in Chicago but across the country. For the individuals on this list, allow me to introduce you to the artist, the philanthropist, the oenophile, the creator of beauty, the giver, the game master, the businessmen, the star maker, the wealth builder and the history maker.  

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