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People, Places, and Organizations to Watch in 2018

<b>Angie McMonigal <b> moved to Chicago more than 15 years ago and has been exploring the city with her camera ever since. Raised in a small town in Wisconsin, she approaches the urban environment with the spirit of someone who grew up surrounded by nature, finding moments of meditative calm in terrain that is always transforming. Focusing more frequently on bold architectural details rather than sweeping cityscapes, her photographs celebrate those unexpectedly iconic elements hiding in plain sight. From landmark buildings she distills the essential lines and textures that frame the city. McMonigal sees these structures as actively shaping, and shaped by, human activity; they are never mere backdrop. Steel and brick towers are presented as quilts rich with history, solid structures soar with soul, and concrete edifices echo the lofty ambition of planners and dreamers.  <br>
An award-winning fine art photographer, Angie’s work has been internationally exhibited and published. Her photos have been showcased by galleries in Chicago, Los Angeles, New York, Barcelona and other destinations. Her Urban Quilt series is now part of the Catherine Edelman Gallery’s Chicago Project. Publication credits include National Geographic, Departures, and SHOTS Magazine. She has received awards from the International Photography Awards (IPA) and Prix de la Photographie Paris (Px3), among others. <br>
Angie frequently works with art consultants, designers, architectural firms, and private collectors to provide compelling photographs for their collections. She has collaborated with national and global brands, including Starwood Hotels & Resorts, Stir, and Icebreaker, creating distinctive images to complement their brands. She is available for commissioned, one-of-a-kind projects for both individual and corporate collectors. Creating images that draw out the organic interplay between design, structure, environment, and society, Angie offers a fresh viewpoint that fulfills clients’ commercial and creative needs. <br><br>
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Write Pitch Publish Conference Provides Writers Roadmap For Success

Write Pitch Publish Conference Provides Writers Roadmap For Success
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