Food , Artists, Music Highlight Today Street Food Artisty Fest

Food , Artists, Music Highlight Today Street Food Artisty Fest

Finally I’m being recognized for my one “recognizable” talent, eating.  Today I have the fun job of being a judge at the third annual street food artistry fest at the Zhou B. Art Center 1029 West 35th from 1 PM to 7PM.

Discover the hottest food trucks, artists, and music that Chicago has to offer.  Sponsors include IZZE, Up Market: Fresh by Walgreens, I-GO, Courvoisier and St. Claire Green Tea Vodka.

Participants include Babycakes, Curried, Getta Polpetta, Jerk 312, The Fat Shallot, Gelato D’Oro, Porkchop, Dia De Los Tamales, Herby Pop and Puffs of Doom. The Street Market will include Chicago’s hidden gems in arts, crafts, photography and handmade goods. Confirmed participants are Clifton Henri, Chelcie Laggis, Liz Born, Thank God I’m Natural, The MCB Shop, Fashion House Chicago, Tarradiddle Creations, T Gee Designs, George King Custom Clothing and The Entrepreneur Within. This year’s Featured Artist is Mika Horibuchi.

Entertainment includes Meisha Herron featured in the VIP Lounge; Dacia, DJ Alvin Black III, DJ Violin, M.A.D.D. Rhythms, PMARTT, and Soul People on the Main Stage.

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