Twitter Phenom #Foodiechats Celebrates 2 Years With Bash at Rockit

Twitter Phenom #Foodiechats Celebrates 2 Years With Bash at Rockit

If you know my friend Steve Green (pictured below)  the founder of Foodiechats, you know he is a loquacious fellow. But I don’t think he knew what he was about to create when he sent a random Tweet on May 11th 2011 asking a foodie question.  Since that fateful day, every Monday he hosts a Twitter Hashtag Conversation #Foodiechats.  Each week Foodiechats features a different sponsor and theme. The ten question format is a perfect way for you to meet other foodies, discover new recipes and learn about the new hot spots around the world. The response has been overwhelming.  Over the past year the #Foodiechats community has had participants in every major city in the United States, and has grown to Australia, Belize, Canada, Dominican Republic, France, Spain and many more.  This is worthy of a feast of a celebration full of good food and great prizes and that’s just what will happen  Monday May 13th live in Chicago at Rockit and on Twitter.  The host in Chicago is Rockit Ranch Productions featuring food from Rockit Bar & Grill, Sunda and Ay Chiwowa.  Prizes from Blendtec, General Motors and Calphalon. Tickets are $46, proceeds benefit the non profit No Kid Hungry.

Steve Green

How to join #Foodiechats weekly conversation:

Follow @Foodiechats and @steveGOgreen on Twitter, and Follow the Hashtag #Foodiechats.  Following the Hashtag allows you to view and respond to everyone who is on the weekly chat.  Example: A1: I love Bacon #Foodiechats – End each response with the #Foodiechats hashtag, and you’re in the chat.





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