A Little Tip For Guys: Chocolate Works Early and Often

A Little Tip For Guys: Chocolate Works Early and Often

I’ll probably never publicly be accused of being a romantic. But I see myself as a supporter of  “non romantic” guys struggling this Valentine’s season trying to be romantic.  So I’m here to provide one small tip that can take them through the next 16 days.  Give chocolate,  early and often.  Like giving a baby a bottle chocolate has ended arguments, made hearts flutter, eyes water and made lots of other things I can actually describe  on this blog .

Now I’m not talking about heading to the local Jewel and grabbing a chocolate bar out of the checkout aisle (save the last minute shopping for the Valentine’s card).  It’s not just any kind of chocolate it’s CHOCOLATE, of the gourmet kind.

My friends at Kilwins  (1405 N. Wells)  provide hand crafted truffles  of many different flavors . Among the mouth watering  flavors, raspberry, dark chocolate, champagne, mocha,  and hazelnut (just reading this someone’s eyes rolled back in their heads imagining the taste!) .  AND Oprah once skyped the store during her Life Class show (the combination of truffles,  and Oprah endorsement is powerful!)

Your other tip …Give chocolate before the big day. This thing called “thoughtfulness” really is good for extra points.  And once again I’m hear to help,  this Thursday the 31st from 7-9PM I’m co hosting with Kilwins  a Champagne and Chocolate Tasting. Buy the truffle package and receive a complimentary champagne tasting by Wines For Humanity .  So you not only get the early Valentine points but you also get credit for looking out for charity as well …double bonus! (note: you can’t show up at the tasting tickets are  only $25  and sold in advance click here  to purchase.

So if you’re a guy and you don’t happen to have a valentine and you actually think it may be cool to have one this year.  Maybe because your mom is beginning to question your social ability as you’ve managed to stay single through 2 decades ,  your buddies have given in to the unstoppable force known as relationships. You should come out Thursday because chocolate tastings have the unparalleled ability to attract the female species like nothing else in the world.   And nothing says “thoughtful” like sharing a glass of champagne and offering up your truffles to someone you just met at the tasting.   There you have it.  I’ve made this easy for you, you can thank me this Thursday…..







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