Gift Ideas For the Last Minute Shopper

Gift Ideas For the Last Minute Shopper

I admit I’m a little late when it comes to sending cards and getting gifts for Christmas.    So in keeping with that tradition, I’m sending  this on Dec. 23rd because I KNOW that I’m not the only one that embraces the “It’s the thought that counts, no matter how late I think about it” school of thinking.  So here are a few good last minute gift ideas to fit every budget


Big Spender: The Gift Of Travel

This is the time of year where I’m over the cold weather and I’m already thinking about spring or just getting away in January to somewhere warm.  Check out deals from  or have them design your dream vacation (specials are up now for trips to Montego Bay, and The Dominican Republic in January).

Impact Gift: A Great Dinner at a Great Restaurant

III Forks Restaurant  ( 180 N. Field)  has it all, a great location (just hidden away near the lakefront that its not overly crowded) great food and an excellent wine list.  A romantic dinner awaits the lucky recipient of your gift to them.

Unique High End Gift:   The Gift of Art

Phoenix Gallery  (1829 S. Halsted)  is a great place to find affordable original art making for a unique and memorable gift.

Unique Gift On a Budget:  The Gift of Relaxation

Profound Touch Mobile Spa  brings the spa experience to your home..the “stress less” experts with the spa can cater to your every need when it comes to comfort.

So there you have it…easy to order, easier to give… try these suggestions and thank me later…In case you were wondering …I accept good bottles of wine or champagne as thank you gifts!  Gotta run, I haven’t done any Christmas shopping!!

Happy Holidays

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