The Great Chicago Wine Bar Search: Rittergut Wine Bar

The Great Chicago Wine Bar Search:  Rittergut Wine Bar

When you look for Rittergut Wine Bar and enter from the construction laden Wacker Drive side, you think you’re going on some sort of scavenger hunt for some mysterious hideout. There are a few turns and a little confusion at first, but once you arrive you’ll find it was well worth the trip.  Rittergut  has just the right ambiance and atomosphere that you expect from a wine bar. The restauant (It’s name is a nod to the owner’s family property in Germany taken by  the Nazis during World War II.) has plenty of seating and a great view of the Chicago River.   But its not just the look of a wine bar to keep you coming back it’s the menu. Packed with great imports (I personally love the Artazuri Granacha) and of course my sparkling wine passion was satisfied by the Raventos Cava Reserva Brut. There really isn’t a bad glass to be had of the nearly 30 different selections on the menu. But what puts Rittergut over the top as one of the better wine bars in Chicago is the tantalizing menu. The bar serves lunch and dinner along with select cheese and charcuterie plates. The knowledgeable staff take you through the tastes like seasoned tour guides. The small plates are nothing short of excellent  (try the sweet potato chips with bacon aioli). So when I look at my great wine bar check list: location , atmosphere,  wine list and great food. Rittergut hits the mark on all of them. Visit soon and tell them Glenn sent you!

Rittergut Wine Bar

10 S. Wacker Dr.

Chicago, IL 60606


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