Gold Star Blue Star Family

There’s a house in the Bronx that my Grandfather built with his immigrant friends. It’s the house that my mother and her siblings grew up in. He built it during the Great Depression and I am to this day uncertain how he did it and with what means. They were not people of wealth, far... Read more »

Mrs Kravitz Lives

If you grew up in the sixties watching rerun sitcom TV or watch “vintage” shows now you probably remember or know about the show Bewitched. It starred a modern day attractive witch Samantha married to handsome advertising executive Darrin who depending on your take would or wouldn’t be confused with Don Draper. Samantha and Darrin... Read more »

Laps Around the Track

Three years ago my wife and I went to go watch my then 23 year old niece Jenna swim in the NCAA Women’s Swimming Championship Finals in Indianapolis. It was her last meet representing the Crimson Tide swim team and we wanted to cheer her on. Just seeing her and those other young athletes compete... Read more »

Age is a Voyage Not a Number

There was a year not too many ago when I started a birthday tradition with friends and family congratulating them on making another lap around the sun instead of marking the day as an accumulation of years gone by. After all a 584 million mile trip each year shouldn’t be so easily dismissed. Why not... Read more »