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About Writing: My November Writer's Block

#MyMindIsShot&WeNeedGroceries…MaybeTomorrow? Yes, I actually wrote that in an email as an excuse for not working on my book or writing something for my blog yesterday. Totally embarrassing and totally true.  Lately, I have found it much easier to stumble through Jewel than come up with an original thought. ChicagoNow Community Manager Jimmy Greenfield recently posed... Read more »

Writing My Book: Yikes, It's September

My writing journal is catching up with real time. This is a frightening development. September progress feels so slow – like a month-long case of writer’s block. So many distractions: my “special” birthday, new schedules to master with my local grandkids back in school, and too many Jewish holidays to count. By October, I will... Read more »