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Warren Cherry: Trump, God, or Obama?

Every year for the past twenty-four years, I take the portrait of Warren W. Cherry, for whom Cherry Preschool is named, to the four-year-old classes. While the children have noticed this picture in the school’s front hall, only a few of them know who it is. I do this to keep his name alive and... Read more »

Taking the Road Less Traveled: The Founding of Cherry Preschool

The first Cherry Preschool was born in 1990.  It existed on a scrap of paper hidden in a drawer – my personal dream. I wrote it the way girls often try out the names of boys they like. I just wanted to see how it looked. At the time, I was mourning the death of... Read more »

A School Principal with Principles – Warren Cherry

My mentor, Warren Cherry, died on July 11, 1990, twenty-four years ago, but his legacy lives on. A scholarship that bears his name is awarded every year to a graduating high school senior who needs encouragement to enter teaching or another profession that benefits children. A preschool that bears his name carries on his tradition... Read more »

Warren Cherry: A School Community Builder Who Never Bowled Alone

My mentor, Warren Cherry(scroll down to view a film about his life), died on July 11, 1990, long before people shared almost everything with their online communities, but I am certain he would have agreed with Robert Putnam that people need to connect with each other in person around a common purpose.  Bowling Alone, a... Read more »