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Why There are Fewer School Volunteers and Why it Matters

Why There are Fewer School Volunteers and Why it Matters
The early childhood program I founded, Cherry Preschool,  relied on an army of volunteers. We thought of ourselves as the Amish barn raisers from the 1985 movie Witness, sadly minus Harrison Ford. Volunteers painted every room in the school, scrounged yard sales for toys, drove a borrowed pickup truck to bring donated furniture and appliances, built... Read more »

Why People Don’t Volunteer: Ten Ideas to Get More Folks Involved

Last week, I wrote about the decline in volunteerism in schools. It certainly touched a nerve for some folks in my community. No one disputed that it is happening. Comments ranged from “I made all of my closest friends at my children’s school while volunteering” to “there has been an increase in the banter that... Read more »

Schools Ask: Where Have All the Volunteers Gone?

Schools seem to be struggling much more than in the past to find volunteers. With my deepest apologies to Pete Seegar, something has seemed to have “picked them, everyone.” For the past few years, the administrators of the preschool I founded have been telling me things are different these days. When the school started back... Read more »

Not useless or used up - just a retired volunteer

Volunteering my services, as a recently retired person seeking an encore career, sure is different from anything I have encountered before. I am surprised by how difficult it has been.  Why am I, a recently retired educator and school administrator, having a hard time finding the right fit?  Is it my age or a bias... Read more »