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Why I Love My Computer but Hate Technology

Why I Love My Computer but Hate Technology
On Sunday, I cried in the Apple Store. I’m sure I was not the first or last person reduced to tears there, and, in my defense, I was still sick from a trifecta of bronchitis, asthma, and a sinus infection. I had also just learned that, after a week in the computer hospital, my beloved... Read more »

How do I Communicate with You?

What we’ve got here is a failure to communicate. The irate parent had showed up for preschool with her three-year-old and baby in tow. When she was told it was a non-school day, she erupted in rage. How was she supposed to know that? Despite receiving this information on school-year and monthly calendars and newsletters,... Read more »

Hillary Clinton, the Server, and I Why Struggle with Technology

I feel bad for Hillary Clinton. The server allegedly in a closet of a Denver apartment. Wanting to keep things simple by using one smart phone. Really, I get it. She’s only two years younger than I am, so I have complete empathy for her personal confusion with rapidly changing technology. Of course, I wasn’t... Read more »

Comcast, we need to break up

I know, old habits die hard and breaking up is hard to do. But Comcast is like a bad friend I keep because I know her so well, even though our relationship is based more on inertia and familiarity than anything else. I just opened my latest bill from Comcast and discovered that, once again,... Read more »

Obituary for an iMac computer

Laurie’s iMac-7.1 (2006-2014) died suddenly on August 20, 2014. Loving companion of Laurie Levy, she was pronounced dead at the Apple Store after suffering a sudden attack of black screen, followed by a loud fan motor noise when trying to be revived. In lieu of flowers, contributions (both monetary and educational) may be made to... Read more »

Confessions of a Twitter Illiterate

I must confess I have hit my limit with technology.  The first week of November, while finishing The Circle by Dave Eggers on my Nook, I tried to set up a Facebook fan page linked to important stuff. Then I sent out a Constant Contact newsletter asking people to “like,” forward, subscribe to, and read... Read more »