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Learning to Play Mahjong

Learning to Play Mahjong
Games my Mother Played and Why I don’t Play Games It is the sounds that are etched in my memory. Tiles clacking on the table. Calls of “one bam” and “two crack.” Laughter. My mother played mahjong with her friends when I was young. By the time I was old enough to learn the game,... Read more »

Thank You to Jimmy Greenfield for Helping Me to Retire with Purpose

Back in September of 2013, Jimmy Greenfield gave a confused recent retiree a voice and a purpose. That floundering soul was me. When Jimmy helped me begin blogging on ChicagoNow, I was one grateful 68-year-old woman who was struggling with the loss of my identity after retiring as the founding director of Cherry Preschool. When... Read more »

Retired: The Forever Young Generation Retools

(Or why a seventy-year-old woman wrote her first book) My younger brother just retired. So did my husband’s younger sister. Like me back in May of 2013, when I finally really retired from Cherry Preschool, after breathing a sigh of relief, they are asking, “Now what?” I’m not sure how to answer that question. Every... Read more »

Saying Goodbye an Old TV

I just bid farewell to what was once a marvel of technology, our 32 inch Panasonic TV. Back in 1999, we thought she was state of the art, but now she had become something difficult to discard, and new technology beckons. We had to bump her down the stairs on a dolly, all 125 pounds... Read more »

About Joe Biden, Retirement, and New Beginnings

The media is looking at Joe Biden’s announcement that he will not run for President as a political calculus. Biden talked about “the window on mounting a realistic campaign for president” closing. But I choose to view his decision through the lens of a woman who took six years to retire from a career she... Read more »

Retired but Certainly not the Retiring Type: My Encore Career

Not useless or used up – just a retired volunteer. What a pathetic headline for a whiny blog post. Back in October of 2013, less than a month into my blog, I wrote this rant about how hard it was to volunteer my time and talent. After unloading my sorrows on my friend, Marcia Liss,... Read more »

On Writing…My Encore Career

I took one of those online quizzes (ever so accurate) that asked, “What career were you meant for” and guess what? I got writer. That confirms the choice I made to start blogging shortly after I retired from a long career in early childhood education. I was meant to be a writer all along. I... Read more »

Taking a Break? Not Sure I Know How

I fear I have lost the capacity to relax and “do nothing.” After many years of constant chaos raising three kids, going back to school to earn a Master’s, and founding and directing a preschool, I totally retired a year ago. So what have I done for the past year? Well, I started writing this... Read more »

My Encore Career as a Blogger: An Unlikely Pilgrimage

When I retired last year from my career as a preschool director, I was at loose ends. So I did what most retired women in my community do. I joined a book club, looked for a place to volunteer my wisdom and years of experience, and went out to breakfast with an old acquaintance. My... Read more »

Blogging as an Encore Career – Reflections on my 100th Post

Wow, I can’t believe this is my 100th post on ChicagoNow. When I started back in September 2013, I had no idea what I was doing or what I wanted to say. It’s been quite a journey, and here’s what I’ve learned. Back in March 2014, I wrote about ten things I had learned as... Read more »