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School Lunch and Recess Woes

Evanston, Illinois supports its public schools. Last spring, we even voted for a referendum to raise our property taxes so our school children would receive good educations. Is it unreasonable to expect our school district to make changes to how lunch and recess are managed so those children we treasure can be joyful, healthy, and... Read more »

Fidget Spinners: Addictive Stress Relief for Kids Who Need to Move

Fidget spinners have been banned by most schools, and rightfully so. If I were having a hard time staying focused, squeezing a koosh ball or chewing on a pencil might help. But watching a spinner and keeping it in motion would be a total distraction. These spinners are basically toys that delight all kids, but... Read more »

Why Some School Kids Can’t Compete in Fitness Week

My granddaughter came home last Monday with a Fitness Week worksheet from her gym teacher. It proclaimed each child should get 60 minutes of exercise a day. The kids were asked to chart this for a week, and those who accomplished the goal would get a reward.  Here’s how this daily total could be accomplished:... Read more »

Scientific Proof That Kids Need Recess

At her elementary school science fair, my granddaughter explained her poster and experiment with the great fervor an almost ten-year-old can muster. She and her friend, who is in California on a family sabbatical, decided to prove once and for all that recess improves learning, or at least puts students in a receptive mood so... Read more »

Another Frozen Winter on the Way -- Let’s Make Sure the Kids get to Move

If you think 2014 was the “winter of our discontent,” just wait to see what’s coming this year. After a cold, rainy, and even snowy Halloween (of course), most of the leaves have fallen and November has arrived. Is it possible we will soon be facing another winter of bitter cold and school closings? Will... Read more »

Meltdown over Frozen Recess

My granddaughter, a second grader, was punished along with half of her classmates for playing on the ice during recess. I knew she would be among the violators brought in for breaking the rule and the ice. She loves to stomp on ice pretending to be Elsa from Frozen. Unfortunately, she lacks Elsa’s powers and... Read more »