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Treasures from a Junk Drawer

Can anyone guess what this is? I’ll give you a hint. It’s something I may have packed in a suitcase 40 years ago. Probably longer. And its regular version is something my grandkids have never seen. If you guessed travel iron, you are probably someone collecting Social Security. My husband had filled a huge dresser drawer... Read more »

Visiting Detroit - You Can Never Go Home Again

Well, that’s not totally true. You can go home like I did last week, visiting family in the Detroit area where I grew up. You can drive by the places you lived and reminisce about your childhood. But you can’t control how time changes the places you remember. In that sense, you can never go... Read more »

Bad, Bad Leroy Brown – Memories of a Simpler Era

Last week, ChicagoNow had its monthly writing challenge, “Blogapalooza,” with the topic “Pick a song that has special meaning to you and explain why.” I’m rarely able to participate, either being not home or asleep during the appointed hour for posting. But when I read Mary Tyler Mom’s Bad, Bad Leroy Brown: The Funeral Recessional... Read more »

A Tribute to my Mother on the First Anniversary of her Death

My mother died a year ago today. In some ways, it seems like more than a year has passed since she died. Her absence is part of my daily life now. But there are still times when the wound still feels fresh. At some point every day, I think I should call her and have... Read more »

The Shadow Box and Salvaged Memories

Cleaning out my mother’s apartment after she died was one of the saddest things I’ve done. Going through everything left behind felt like letting go of being a daughter. The task of dealing with Mom’s possessions started out far better than I expected. Luckily, my brothers and I get along and we followed her wishes.... Read more »

Photos in Frames and Preserving Memories

When my mother died on April 19, we had no problem finding photos to display at her funeral. She had framed pictures all over her apartment – pictures of her parents and parents-in-law, photos of her with my late father dating back to their courtship, numerous family portraits of her rapidly expanding family, wedding photos... Read more »

New Year’s Dilemma: What to do with 1500 iPhone photos of your kids from 2013?

Both of my daughters have a problem.  Their memories of 2013 are clogging up their phones, making it impossible to take new photos and videos without randomly deleting old ones.  Yes, they could download them to a computer, but that just clogs up the hard drive, and then what? I have been struggling with this... Read more »