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Why Visiting Cuba Made me Feel Guilty and Grateful

Just back from a Road Scholars tour of Cuba, I went to the smallish Jewel near me to restock on groceries. And I felt ashamed. My friends and I often complain that the store is lacking things we can find in larger stores. I have even talked to the manager when my favorite brand of... Read more »

Winter Officially Begins Today – Thinking About Poverty and Money

Every week, my granddaughter and I drive down Clark Street into Andersonville to an appointment. And every week, there he is, approaching cars stopped briefly at the red light hoping for money. I have never seen anyone roll down the car window to give him anything, but I guess someone must because he claims this... Read more »

Inequality, Poverty, and the Educational Reform Movement

How can a brilliant man who received a rigorous education at a private school and graduated from Yale University end up living in poverty and shot dead for dealing drugs in Newark? That is the question I grappled with as I read The Short and Tragic Life of Robert Peace by Jeff Hobbs. There is... Read more »