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The Mister Rogers Movie Deserved to Win an Oscar

The Mister Rogers Movie Deserved to Win an Oscar
Won’t You Be My Neighbor, the best and most popular documentary film of 2018, was snubbed by the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences. While the film was a huge box office success for a documentary, it was not even nominated for an Academy Award. That’s a shame because director Morgan Neville’s portrait of the... Read more »

The Migrant Children Crisis is Moral, Not Political

Facebook deemed my post about the Mr. Rogers movie too political. When I recommended folks should see Won’t You Be My Neighbor, the documentary honoring the life and teachings of Fred Rogers, I contrasted the way Mr. Rogers understood, respected, and loved young children with the way the Trump administration had separated over 2,500 children... Read more »

Remembering Mr. Rogers: Why You Should See Won’t You Be My Neighbor

I needed to restore my faith in humanity after listening to an endless loop of the heartbreaking cries of children separated from their parents by Trump’s border policy. I needed to hear the voice of Mr. Rogers, a man who embodied empathy, kindness, caring, and especially love of children. So I switched off the news,... Read more »

Separating Kids from Parents is OK with Some Folks

There was a dog whistle in Kellyanne Conway’s interview with Chuck Todd on Meet the Press yesterday, June 17, Father’s Day 2018. In defending the Trump/Sessions policy of incarcerating adults crossing the border, even asylum seekers, and thus justifying separating kids from their parents who “broke the law,” Conway said, “And Chuck, let me just... Read more »

We Will All Have a Preexisting Condition Someday

Let me share a healthcare story that happened to me some 25 years ago when insurance companies were allowed to discriminate against people who had a preexisting condition. My husband and I were healthy and in our late forties. He was a self-employed physician and I worked for a small not-for-profit that didn’t offer health... Read more »

Who Suffers When Folks are Late?

We made a reservation at my grandkids’ favorite restaurant to celebrate two family birthdays. Because our party included a child with special needs who is not into waiting very long, we thoughtfully reserved the early-bird time of 5:00. Unfortunately, the restaurant honored a party that arrived very late for a 4:00 seating, and we were... Read more »

An Empathy Challenge from the Other End of the Political Spectrum

A reader presented me with a challenge when she wrote, “Laurie Levy, could you articulate with empathy the opposite viewpoints of the ones you express in this piece?” She was referencing Fear, Division, Loathing, and the Empathy Gap, and invited me to look at her Facebook page posts and comments to see if she is... Read more »

Trump’s Budget: Values of a Heartless Rich Man

Martin Luther King taught us that, “Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere.” Donald Trump teaches us that truth and justice (weren’t those part of Superman’s American way?) don’t matter. There is no right thing, only the bottom line. Jesus asked, “For what shall it profit a man, if he gain the whole world,... Read more »

The Women's March: Why America Needs More Women in Charge

What is the most remarkable thing about all of the women’s marches that took place January 21? The huge turnouts? The enthusiasm and start of a movement? For me, it was the complete lack of violence coupled with the spirit of collaboration and inclusion. This is one reason #WhyIMarched. Having worked all of my life... Read more »

Trump Son's Advice to Women: “Go Teach Kindergarten”

Apparently, the Trump men feel sexual harassment in the workplace is just part of the job. If women can’t take the heat, they should get out of the kitchen. Actually the Trump guys would likely reverse that old proverb and send women back to the kitchen. Or if they want to work, they should teach... Read more »