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Fidget Spinners: Addictive Stress Relief for Kids Who Need to Move

Fidget spinners have been banned by most schools, and rightfully so. If I were having a hard time staying focused, squeezing a koosh ball or chewing on a pencil might help. But watching a spinner and keeping it in motion would be a total distraction. These spinners are basically toys that delight all kids, but... Read more »

What Schools Could Learn about the Importance of Recess from a Third Grade Science Fair Project

On Tuesdays, I watch my third grade granddaughter after school. My assignment, should I choose to accept it, is to ensure that she does her homework. To any of you who caught my reference to Mission Impossible, even though I accept the assignment, sometimes the mission is next to impossible. I started to look for... Read more »

Another Frozen Winter on the Way -- Let’s Make Sure the Kids get to Move

If you think 2014 was the “winter of our discontent,” just wait to see what’s coming this year. After a cold, rainy, and even snowy Halloween (of course), most of the leaves have fallen and November has arrived. Is it possible we will soon be facing another winter of bitter cold and school closings? Will... Read more »