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I’m a Sucker for The Nutcracker

I’m a Sucker for The Nutcracker
Nothing says holidays for me better than hearing music from The Nutcracker. The ballet, with a score composed by Peter Tchaikovsky, debuted 127 years ago today. The critics and audience hated it and Tchaikovsky died less than a year later, never knowing what a classic it would become and how many versions of it would... Read more »

Today is I am in Control Day, but Not for Me

Bet you didn’t know today is National I am in Control Day. I have no idea how most of you celebrated this important day listed on the calendar of weird, obscure holidays. Before we address that issue, here’s a little history lesson. On March 30, 1981, John Hinckley, Jr. thought he would impress actor Jodie... Read more »

6 Bad Holiday Habits

You would think at my age (8 grandkids – you do the math) I would have this holiday thing nailed. After making 40+ Thanksgiving feasts and countless Hanukah/Christmas celebrations, what is there to stress over? Well, I have some nasty holiday habits that haunt me every year from mid-November through December: 1.  I worry about... Read more »