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A "Nasty Woman" Responds

I’ll claim the title. For the upcoming election, I’m Trump’s worst nightmare. A white, suburban “nasty woman” who can’t wait to vote for Hillary. Believe me, he wouldn’t want to grope me. I’m his age, a total turn off. And I wouldn’t get close enough to let him touch me because I dislike him bigly. The... Read more »

Voting: The Time I Threw my Vote Away and Other Tales from a Faithful Voter

Apparently, many Millennials plan to sit out this election. Others are thinking they should vote for Gary Johnson or Jill Stein as a protest vote against what they see as two flawed candidates. I feel your pain, but you must vote. I will take it a step further and risk incurring the wrath of many... Read more »

Hillary Clinton and The Smart Girl in the Room

I’m only a couple of years older than Hillary Clinton. Like her, I grew up in a middle class suburb in the Midwest. So I get it. Back when we were growing up, it was considered bad form to be the smart girl in the room. Listening to Morning Joe just now while I exercised... Read more »

Hillary Clinton, the Server, and I Why Struggle with Technology

I feel bad for Hillary Clinton. The server allegedly in a closet of a Denver apartment. Wanting to keep things simple by using one smart phone. Really, I get it. She’s only two years younger than I am, so I have complete empathy for her personal confusion with rapidly changing technology. Of course, I wasn’t... Read more »