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A Tribute to my Mother on the First Anniversary of her Death

My mother died a year ago today. In some ways, it seems like more than a year has passed since she died. Her absence is part of my daily life now. But there are still times when the wound still feels fresh. At some point every day, I think I should call her and have... Read more »

Saying Goodbye an Old TV

I just bid farewell to what was once a marvel of technology, our 32 inch Panasonic TV. Back in 1999, we thought she was state of the art, but now she had become something difficult to discard, and new technology beckons. We had to bump her down the stairs on a dolly, all 125 pounds... Read more »

How Main Street Changed Over 40 Years

When was the last time you saw a sales clerk write out a receipt by hand and add the numbers on…paper? It happened to me yesterday when I visited one of the few original stores left on Main Street in my hometown of Evanston, Illinois. I spent $2.81 on a strip of Velcro at Vogue... Read more »

The New Star Wars Movie (Reviewed by a Woman Almost as Old as Harrison Ford)

Spoiler alert. RIP Han Solo…or maybe not? Actually, I’m not sure this is an official spoiler because I can never be certain if someone is truly finished off in a movie or television series. I still have not given up on Jon Snow in Game of Thrones. Regardless of outcome, if Harrison Ford at age... Read more »

Hillary Clinton, the Server, and I Why Struggle with Technology

I feel bad for Hillary Clinton. The server allegedly in a closet of a Denver apartment. Wanting to keep things simple by using one smart phone. Really, I get it. She’s only two years younger than I am, so I have complete empathy for her personal confusion with rapidly changing technology. Of course, I wasn’t... Read more »

Queen Anne’s Lace and the Slow Process of Grief

Yesterday, I saw a patch of Queen Anne’s Lace growing beside a highway and started to cry. I was overwhelmed by a wave of grief. My mother, who died in April, loved this wild flower. It reminded her of her own childhood summers when it grew in abundance where she lived.  She loved to pick... Read more »

Genealogy: Reflections from my Late Father

July 17 is my late father’s birthday. My father loved writing, history, genealogy, and delivering lectures. So when I found these reflections he wrote many years ago as part of the readings for my children’s Bar and Bat Mitzvot, I thought this was the perfect time to share them. They provide a window into my... Read more »

Vanya’s Baby Boomer Rant and Mine

“WE USED TO LICK POSTAGE STAMPS BACK THEN.  Obviously you’ve never heard of that. They didn’t just peel off ready made with sticky stuff on the back ­ the sticky stuff had to be triggered by your wet tongue. It took time.” These words are part of a brilliant monologue in the play currently at... Read more »

Hands-on Fathers

When one of my brothers did something caring for my late mother, she used to say he was like a daughter. In her worldview, men did not do much caregiving. Similarly, Robert Fulghum wrote this Mother’s Day tribute to his son: I called him a “Mother” in that he reflected the spirit of New Parenthood. ... Read more »

Becoming a Matriarch

I was helping one of my grandkids with her third grade spelling homework when she asked me how to use “matriarch” in a sentence. The old English teacher in me launched into a complicated explanation that ended with my telling her that my mother, her Bubbe, who died last month was the matriarch of her... Read more »