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Happy Sister Day

Happy Sister Day
As a woman who has two younger brothers (whom I love), I always yearned for a sister. For my early childhood years, I had a virtual sister, my cousin Annette. Her mother and mine were the actual sisters. Annette and I grew up together for the first seven years of our lives in a two-flat... Read more »

A Christmas Letter Between Old Friends

I only receive one Christmas letter in recent years, and it generally arrives sometime in January. (LOL – you know who you are!) I write back, remembering how important she was to me and filled with nostalgia for our brief but intense friendship. In our annual letters, we resolve to stay in touch, but we... Read more »

Kids Are Finding it Harder to Make Friends These Days

It’s National Friendship Week and I am wondering: Why is it harder for kids to make BFFs these days. I confess I have no scientific proof that this is true. It’s just my observation. And I have a few thoughts about why it may be so. Where do kids meet other kids? Well, kids can... Read more »

Can Friendship and Forgiveness Coexist?

Yesterday was Friendship Day and Forgiveness Day, but I was away from my computer, so I’ll celebrate them today. Actually, putting them together poses an interesting question: Can you forgive a friend? My answer is a resounding “yes.” In fact, it goes beyond can you to something you must do now, as August is also... Read more »