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Celebrating a Fiftieth Wedding Anniversary

Celebrating a Fiftieth Wedding Anniversary
In high school, my wonderful English teacher, Miss Young, made us memorize a Shakespearean sonnet. The class erupted in protest. Why was this important? To which Miss Young replied, “Once you know it, you will always have it.” So true. Mine was Sonnet 116: Let me not to the marriage of true minds  Admit impediments. Love... Read more »

Happy Siblings Day

Today is my brother’s birthday, so I was searching old family photos for one of his baby pictures to post on Facebook. But it is also Siblings Day, so how could I leave my baby brother out of the celebration? As the three of us have become seniors, orphans, and grandparents, the squabbles and feuds... Read more »

The Greatest Meal is the One I Share with my Family

Although I complain about the chaos and my inability to come up with a menu everyone will eat, the greatest meal I’ve ever had is any meal I shared with my children and grandchildren. Because only one set of children and grandchildren live near me, looking around the table at everyone happens about once a... Read more »

6 Bad Holiday Habits

You would think at my age (8 grandkids – you do the math) I would have this holiday thing nailed. After making 40+ Thanksgiving feasts and countless Hanukah/Christmas celebrations, what is there to stress over? Well, I have some nasty holiday habits that haunt me every year from mid-November through December: 1.  I worry about... Read more »

Today is Cousins Day – A Perfect Time to Tackle Your Genealogy

I grew up with ten cousins and four grandparents close by. In fact, two of my cousins shared our duplex in Detroit, so they were more like extra siblings than cousins. Until we were all dispersed to suburbia, my cousins and grandparents were part of my everyday life. I naively thought everyone lived this way.... Read more »

Genealogy & Family Reunions: Six Ideas for Making Connections

Bet you didn’t know that July is Family Reunion Month. Well, if you have one coming up, maybe you did. And if you are in your 30’s, 40’s, or 50’s, you are probably ready to stop reading this post (if you have even gotten this far). I understand. The sad truth about looking for your... Read more »