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Why There are Fewer School Volunteers and Why it Matters

Why There are Fewer School Volunteers and Why it Matters
The early childhood program I founded, Cherry Preschool,  relied on an army of volunteers. We thought of ourselves as the Amish barn raisers from the 1985 movie Witness, sadly minus Harrison Ford. Volunteers painted every room in the school, scrounged yard sales for toys, drove a borrowed pickup truck to bring donated furniture and appliances, built... Read more »

The Power of Community: Finding Lucy

The Power of Community: Finding Lucy
Lucy is one lucky dog. She had just joined my daughter’s family, a rescue dog with a sad two-year history of loss and disruption. Her original owner in Kentucky died. Somehow, she ended up in Evanston via Wagging Hearts, being fostered by a caring family, until she joined her forever family. For all of four... Read more »

The Cherry Preschool Silver Anniversary: A Shout Out to its Founders

We hugged and laughed and even cried. There are bonds that never lessen, even with the passage of time, even when folks don’t see one another that often. Celebrating Warren W. Cherry Preschool’s 25th anniversary with the founders of the preschool reminded me of how powerful the connection is between thirteen people who came together... Read more »

Public Schools are the Heart of our Community

I sat through a performance by the Nichols Middle School orchestra filled with pride. As a longtime Evanstonian as well as a grandparent of one of the players, I felt this group represented the best of what a public school education can provide. These kids were amazing. Here is a small excerpt from the show... Read more »

How Main Street Changed Over 40 Years

When was the last time you saw a sales clerk write out a receipt by hand and add the numbers on…paper? It happened to me yesterday when I visited one of the few original stores left on Main Street in my hometown of Evanston, Illinois. I spent $2.81 on a strip of Velcro at Vogue... Read more »