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The Bully-in-Chief Belittles Christine Blasey Ford

The Bully-in-Chief Belittles Christine Blasey Ford
October is Bullying Prevention Month. How fitting that, on October 2, our Bully-in-Chief, Donald Trump, decided to mock Christine Blasey Ford, the victim of an alleged assault. Like all bullies, Trump relies on enablers to attack his victims. It’s so much more fun to have like-minded folks in on the joke. Remember, Dr. Ford was most... Read more »

A Message to the Media: Don’t Give Attention to Political Bullying

A Message to the Media: Don’t Give Attention to Political Bullying
At a rally in Florida on July 31, Donald Trump whipped his MAGA followers into such an anti-media frenzy that angry attendees attacked the media covering the rally. This time, the attack was verbal and vulgar. Next time someone could easily get hurt. The president continues to tell his followers at rallies and via twitter,... Read more »

Bullying: Setting Kids on Fire, Creepy Clowns, Locker Room Talk and Other Hated-Filled Acts

This is not the world I had hoped my eight grandchildren would inherit. I truly thought our country was on track to be more loving, accepting, inclusive, and kind. Instead, during Bullying Prevention Month, folks are talking about a child with special needs in Texas being set on fire with classmates who taunted him accused... Read more »

Harambe the Gorilla, a Child’s Life, and the Blame Game

A young child’s life versus a gorilla’s? An easy decision for me. Don’t get me wrong. I respect all living creatures. And despite how much they thrill my grandkids, I am not sure gorillas belong in zoos. But to all of the folks out there who need someone to blame and know they can’t really... Read more »

When a Feel Good Story About a Child with Special Needs Feels Bad

A boy with developmental disabilities invited his classmates to his ninth birthday party and no one came. His mother reported that he waited to cut his “K-9” cake, hoping friends would show up, but they didn’t. The Chicago Tribune ran a feel good story about how a Facebook post about the non-party resulted in cards,... Read more »

Inclusion: It’s Not Enough to Decorate a Buddy Bench

Watching kids play on school playgrounds can break my heart. There are always some who stand alone, unsure of how to enter play. When they try, they are told they may not join the game. After a while, they just stop trying. It doesn’t have to be this way. There are some fairly simple ways... Read more »

Bullying on Social Media

My daughter’s BFF from college died October 4 from an apparent overdose. She left the many people who loved her in stunned grief, especially her husband, parents, family, and three small children. How pathetic that those mourning her death have been subjected to the cruelest bullying on social media on top of their unimaginable loss.... Read more »

PARCC Bullies

The headline of an Evanston Now (no connection to ChicagoNow) post screamed, “D65 Could Lose $7 Million Due to PARCC Testing.” This claim is not only misleading, but it is also terribly devise to the Evanston community. It is pitting neighbors against one another for fear they will have to come up with $7 million... Read more »

To the Bullies Who Knocked my Granddaughter off her Scooter…Can You Handle the Truth?

Yes, you got away with it. You pushed a young girl off her scooter, I’m assuming because you wanted to steal it. You slapped a young boy who came to her rescue in the face. Then, cowards that you are, the three of you sped away on your bikes when an adult came running over.... Read more »

The bullied end up the winners

Many years ago, a boy in middle school shared his anguish with me over being bullied.  He was subjected to the usual: taunting, teasing, shoves into lockers, prank phone calls, and even some cyber-bullying (which was in its infancy back then).  His life was an episode of Glee minus the slushies.  I’ll never forget what... Read more »