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Baby Boomers: World War II Ended Seventy-one Years Ago Today

Today marks the seventy-first anniversary of the official end of World War II. On September 2, 1945, Japan formally surrendered aboard the U.S.S. Missouri, anchored in Tokyo Bay. Five days later, I arrived. What follows is an excerpt from my book Terribly Strange and Wonderfully Real about why I chose to identify with the post-war... Read more »

Boomer Nostalgia: Puzzling Over the Spirit of the Sixties

Guess what I found in the attic Sunday morning? A 1,000 piece jigsaw puzzle called Groovin’ Through the Sixties – A Close-up Look at a Far-out Decade! Here’s what it looks like: Then I went to see Beautiful, the musical about Carole King largely focused on the songs she wrote with her lyricist and first... Read more »

Vanya’s Baby Boomer Rant and Mine

“WE USED TO LICK POSTAGE STAMPS BACK THEN.  Obviously you’ve never heard of that. They didn’t just peel off ready made with sticky stuff on the back ­ the sticky stuff had to be triggered by your wet tongue. It took time.” These words are part of a brilliant monologue in the play currently at... Read more »

Becoming a Matriarch

I was helping one of my grandkids with her third grade spelling homework when she asked me how to use “matriarch” in a sentence. The old English teacher in me launched into a complicated explanation that ended with my telling her that my mother, her Bubbe, who died last month was the matriarch of her... Read more »