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Going to Kindergarten: Looking for Answers to 10 Tough Questions

For parents of prospective kindergarteners, May is the month of worries about the big transition from early childhood to the start of formal education. In preparation for participating in a panel discussion on Everything You Want to Know About Kindergarten (But were afraid to ask) on May 19 , 7:30 PM at Creative Coworking, 922 Davis... Read more »

A Solution to the Costly School Supplies List

Unless you have kids in school, this is one education issue you probably haven’t given much thought. But if you do have school-age kids, you most likely received an email with a supply list for your child’s grade level or class. Here are the problems with this “free market” approach to school supplies: It costs... Read more »

Summer Vacation Ideas for Families: Traveling with Kids is a Just a Trip

Many months ago, I embarked on the seemingly endless project of transferring our old family slides and videos to DVD. As I worked on this, it occurred to me that 75% of the video footage of my children when they were young was shot in swimming pools, and it was hard to tell if we... Read more »

Here Comes Summer: The Truth About June and Summer Vacation

Thinking back on it, I was always anxious about June. Even in years when I disliked the demands of the school-year schedule, all of the changes that summer represented were stressful. As a young child, I remember feeling at loose ends, and as a teen I worried about finding a decent summer job. With my... Read more »

Letter to a New Mom: One Mom's Mother's Day Message for her Daughters

Dear Daughters, I raised you to believe you had to do it all.  You were brought up with books like The Practical Princess in which the princess had to rescue the prince herself in order to live happily ever after.  You danced to the songs from Free to be You and Me and I encouraged... Read more »

Send This Boy to School – Final Polar Vortex Post

The guy in the mask is my four-year-old grandson who “attends” preschool five half-days a week in Indiana. I use the term “attends” loosely because since winter vacation ended January 3, he has gone to school five times. That’s right, he had 14 “snow” days before returning to school yesterday! I guess he’s lucky in... Read more »

Not Your Momma's Kindergarten

As I shared in an earlier post, I have been meeting for over 20 years with parents at Cherry Preschool the January before their children start kindergarten. While there was always some level of anxiety at these meetings, it was nothing compared with recent years. When did the “I will miss my baby so much”... Read more »

Meltdown over Frozen Recess

My granddaughter, a second grader, was punished along with half of her classmates for playing on the ice during recess. I knew she would be among the violators brought in for breaking the rule and the ice. She loves to stomp on ice pretending to be Elsa from Frozen. Unfortunately, she lacks Elsa’s powers and... Read more »

Not Alinea But A 5 Star Experience for my Family

Recently, we went out to lunch with three of our grandchildren and their parents. Thank goodness we weren’t at Alinea! Sorry, but who brings a baby to a place like that? End of story – no more comments, exposes, or whining about an indisputably first world problem, please! Instead, we were at a local place... Read more »


If you go to my Facebook Fan Page, you will find a link to my January Newsletter in Constant Contact. The world of social media is still new to me, and I am astonished at the numerous and mysterious ways of connecting things. Or not connecting because I am not sure how to use things... Read more »