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Immigrants, They Get the Job Done

Immigrants, They Get the Job Done
That’s a huge applause line from Lin Manuel Miranda’s Hamilton. We are a country of immigrants. Despite what @realdonaldtrump says, we do have room for more immigrants, and we need them to keep our country strong and productive. Recently, chimney damage caused water to pour down a bedroom wall and ruin part of a hallway... Read more »

Black Panther and the March for our Lives Give Me Hope

When my husband was five back in 1951, he had a recurring dream that he could fly. My brother had the same dream at the same age a couple of years later. Putting aside the obvious Freudian interpretation of this dream, here’s what inspired them: I remember my brother spending hours at that age with... Read more »

Thank You Michelle Obama

Last week, I was in despair. Donald J. Trump had painted such a dark picture of his vision of where America is and where it needs to go. All I could think of when I heard “law and order” was 1968. That year, we elected a man I despised, Richard M. Nixon. “Tricky Dick” had... Read more »

Why My Granddaughter’s Sixth Grade Graduation Made Me Cry

I’m sure the family members and guests attending The Cove School graduation and recognition ceremony for students moving from sixth grade to middle school watched with an array of emotions. Joy. Pride. Gratitude. Love. And a bit of trepidation mixed in. Would their child be the one to make a mistake and ruin the ceremony?... Read more »

Queen Anne’s Lace and the Slow Process of Grief

Yesterday, I saw a patch of Queen Anne’s Lace growing beside a highway and started to cry. I was overwhelmed by a wave of grief. My mother, who died in April, loved this wild flower. It reminded her of her own childhood summers when it grew in abundance where she lived.  She loved to pick... Read more »

Trying to Understand Amazing Grace

When President Obama concluded his moving eulogy for South Carolina State Senator Clementa Pinckney, the pastor killed along with eight others in last week’s church shooting, by singing Amazing Grace, like many others I was moved to tears. Then I spent the rest of the weekend trying to wrap my head around just what grace... Read more »

In My World, Every Day is Autism Awareness Day

Imagine my surprise when the Today Show announced today was World Autism Awareness Day. “Everyone wear blue,” Matt Lauer cheerfully proclaimed, displaying a cute blue ribbon in his lapel. Well, I guess it’s a good idea to have a special day for autism since one out of every 68 kids in America is now diagnosed... Read more »

A Second Grader Asks, "Why Can't Israel and Palestine be BFFs?"

My guest blogger today is my almost 8-year-old granddaughter who has the answer to the perplexing issues between Israel and Palestine. During “share your culture day” at her school, she brought things from Korea and Israel, her two cultures. Her good friend brought things from Palestine. When her friend wondered why Israel and Palestine were... Read more »

A Very Special Sibling of Children with Special Needs Has a Dream

I used to worry about my 7-year-old granddaughter who has older twin sisters with special needs. How could I help her explain one of her sister’s behaviors to a friend who was coming to her house for a first play date? I fumbled for an answer when the friend asked about her sister, “Why is... Read more »

Children’s Temperaments – Active Kids & Exhausted Parents

This post about active children is the fourth and final one about children’s innate temperaments (and how to live with them) written with my daughter and child psychologist, Alissa Chung. Her article The Active Child – Always on the Go, will help parents understand and appreciate this temperament type as well as address their concerns about... Read more »