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Writing a Book: The Next Pages Come Slowly

I have spent my summer under the illusion that I could produce a book. Monday mornings are the worst. I start the week staring at that stupid blinking curser on my computer. Then I return to writing…my diary. What a folly that I could write a book over the summer and be done in time... Read more »

Writing a Book or Bridget Jones’s Diary for Seniors

I promised readers of this blog that I would not post too often this summer, as I was going to write a book. And I am trying, I really am. What I am discovering is that this project is much harder than I expected. So to justify my slower-than-anticipated progress, I started writing about why... Read more »

Retired but Certainly not the Retiring Type: My Encore Career

Not useless or used up – just a retired volunteer. What a pathetic headline for a whiny blog post. Back in October of 2013, less than a month into my blog, I wrote this rant about how hard it was to volunteer my time and talent. After unloading my sorrows on my friend, Marcia Liss,... Read more »

On Vacation: Celebrating my 200th Blog Post by Writing a Book

When I started this encore career back in September of 2013, I announced I was Reinvented, Not Retired. My first post was inspired by 64-year-old Diana Nyad, who had just completed a 110 mile swim from Cuba to Florida, something she had been trying to do for 35 years. She had trained for this fifth attempt... Read more »

On Writing…My Encore Career

I took one of those online quizzes (ever so accurate) that asked, “What career were you meant for” and guess what? I got writer. That confirms the choice I made to start blogging shortly after I retired from a long career in early childhood education. I was meant to be a writer all along. I... Read more »

Taking a Break? Not Sure I Know How

I fear I have lost the capacity to relax and “do nothing.” After many years of constant chaos raising three kids, going back to school to earn a Master’s, and founding and directing a preschool, I totally retired a year ago. So what have I done for the past year? Well, I started writing this... Read more »

My Encore Career as a Blogger: An Unlikely Pilgrimage

When I retired last year from my career as a preschool director, I was at loose ends. So I did what most retired women in my community do. I joined a book club, looked for a place to volunteer my wisdom and years of experience, and went out to breakfast with an old acquaintance. My... Read more »

Blogging as an Encore Career – Reflections on my 100th Post

Wow, I can’t believe this is my 100th post on ChicagoNow. When I started back in September 2013, I had no idea what I was doing or what I wanted to say. It’s been quite a journey, and here’s what I’ve learned. Back in March 2014, I wrote about ten things I had learned as... Read more »

Old Grandmas

Here’s a post in honor of my 8th grandchild, who was born December 12. Can’t wait to play with him, read to him, and enjoy him as I have the other seven! My grandmothers were always old to me.  They had grey hair, wore baggy dresses and sturdy shoes, and never played with me. They... Read more »

Time for New Holiday Traditions?

She is closing in on her 75th birthday and still hosting holiday dinner for her middle-aged children, teenaged grandchildren, and assorted other family members.  OMG – that can’t be my future…or maybe it is.  I know her children would happily chant, “75 is the new 45.”  Believe me, it’s not! When my mother-in-law was widowed... Read more »