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The Dress and Family Ties

The Dress and Family Ties
I just gifted my great niece with one of the flower girl dresses my granddaughters had worn for another niece’s wedding several years ago. I had kept the dresses because the tulle skirts made them too fancy for other occasions and my granddaughters outgrew both the dresses and dressing up shortly after the wedding. What... Read more »


As we enter the month of August, the dog days of summer, I share this essay from my book Terribly Strange and Wonderfully Real. I wrote it a couple of years ago, but not much has changed for working families struggling to piece child care together until school begins and normalcy returns. One set of grandkids... Read more »

My Love Affair with the Tooth Fairy

My parents had a remarkable system for the tooth fairy. Each time my brothers and I lost a tooth, we would find a silver dollar under our pillow. That was pretty generous for the baby boomer era, when the going rate averaged .69 cents per tooth and kids we knew usually received a quarter. But... Read more »

Why it’s Hard to Bake a Cake These Days: Following my Mother's Recipe

Recently, I decided to bake a cake from scratch. Specifically, I was determined to make my mother’s chocolate birthday cake. My granddaughter was very impressed, as her notion of “from scratch” was using a cake mix. She had no idea it could be done by combining the ingredients most of us have somewhere in our... Read more »

Texting with my Stars: How to Connect with Grandkids

I have finally accepted that texting is the only way to really reach my kids. I guess email is passé for their generation. But texting with my grandkids? This has become a whole new thing, and I love it. A few of the older ones actually have their own phones, resulting in messages like this: I’m... Read more »

When Did Halloween Become Such a Huge Deal?

When did Halloween evolve into such a huge deal? I have a hard time remembering much about Halloween from my childhood. Perhaps that’s because I am trying to dredge up memories from 60 years ago. Once, I asked my mother what costumes I wore for Halloween, and she informed me that it really wasn’t a... Read more »

The Last Doll

You either love dolls or hate them. I am definitely in the doll-lovers camp. My mother adored bald kewpie dolls, but clearly, I preferred dolls with hair. I remember my last doll. My parents asked me after an emergency appendectomy at age ten what I wanted, and I proudly staked my claim to the Tiny... Read more »

My Grandkid Got an iPhone – Six Reasons Why This is a Good Thing

Three of my granddaughters, ages 10, 11, and 14, now have an iPhone. Thus far, it’s been an innocent experience that consists of me being Facetimed at odd hours of the day and receiving texts like these: I am well aware of the pitfalls of putting these devices into the hands of tweens and young... Read more »

Bullying: Setting Kids on Fire, Creepy Clowns, Locker Room Talk and Other Hated-Filled Acts

This is not the world I had hoped my eight grandchildren would inherit. I truly thought our country was on track to be more loving, accepting, inclusive, and kind. Instead, during Bullying Prevention Month, folks are talking about a child with special needs in Texas being set on fire with classmates who taunted him accused... Read more »

Gun Safety: A Tale of Two Grandchildren

Yesterday, I waited for my nine-year-old granddaughter after school. When she didn’t show at up our arranged spot for Mondays, I worried that she was confused and looking for me where I usually pick her up the rest of the week. And that was what happened. Never once did it cross my mind that someone... Read more »