Laurie Levy, M.Ed. is an expert in early childhood and special needs education, a strong believer in diversity and inclusion, and a passionate advocate for children.  Laurie has worked in education for over 30 years. She taught high school English and preschool before becoming an early childhood administrator in 1985. Through her writing and advocacy, she seeks to empower parents, educators, and people of all ages.

In 1991, Laurie founded Warren W. Cherry Preschool, an innovative developmental school that includes and celebrates all children. She served as Cherry Preschool’s Executive Director for 15 years, after which she provided extensive consulting in communications and administration. Laurie has authored over 100 articles on child development, parenting issues, developmentally appropriate educational practices, community building, and inclusion, and edited and published several newsletters. She is currently working as an administrative consultant and writer with an interest in how schools function effectively and serve as a true community.

When Laurie "retired" in 2013, parents and teachers shared their thoughts:

“Your work in founding Cherry Preschool is truly one of the most inspiring acts I’ve witnessed.  The care and devotion you demonstrate toward children and their families are incredible.  You possess a rare talent (a gift, really) for taking ideas and bringing them to life – seemingly effortlessly.”

“Your presence was so warm, intelligent and healing for all.  You are a true role model of perseverance, and the courage to live out a dream.”

“Your vision of a school that is inclusive of all children and families has flourished and generations of students are better off because of it.

“You have changed our world for the better in no small way.  Our community has been transformed by your vision and courage in creating Cherry Preschool, training and mentoring its teachers, teaching its parents as much as its children, and speaking out well and often for fairness and kindness for all.”


You can email Laurie at laurieadvocates@gmail.com. 

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