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Treasures from a Junk Drawer

Can anyone guess what this is? I’ll give you a hint. It’s something I may have packed in a suitcase 40 years ago. Probably longer. And its regular version is something my grandkids have never seen. If you guessed travel iron, you are probably someone collecting Social Security. My husband had filled a huge dresser drawer... Read more »

Fees for Medical Parking

Was it reasonable to pay $11 for parking to visit my grandchild who was a patient at Lurie Children’s Hospital this fall? That was the special rate, validated by the hospital. At the time, I was too upset to think about having to spend so much to visit someone I loved. But since my husband’s... Read more »

A Multi-Generational Mothers Day Tribute

My grandmothers had hard lives. They left their families in the “old country” at an age when girls today are just getting braces for their teeth, traveled by themselves on long ocean voyages to live with people they had never met, worked in sweat shops, married young, and spent much of their time cooking and... Read more »

Evanston Technology Decision Leaves Some Kids Behind

This is an educational tale of two tweens. My granddaughters are six months apart in age and separated by one grade level. The one who lives in Indiana uses a tablet at school, has been taught word processing, keyboarding, how to edit her writing, a bit of excel, and how to organize her homework on... Read more »

My Love Affair with the Tooth Fairy

My parents had a remarkable system for the tooth fairy. Each time my brothers and I lost a tooth, we would find a silver dollar under our pillow. That was pretty generous for the baby boomer era, when the going rate averaged .69 cents per tooth and kids we knew usually received a quarter. But... Read more »