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Schools Need Custodians Who Care, Not Outsourced Companies that Don't

Gus Lira has been Cherry Preschool’s custodian for most of its 25-year existence. In my years as Executive Director, he came to our rescue time after time. If something broke, we could just call him at his day job. If teachers made a huge glitter mess, they would leave him a note apologizing in advance... Read more »

Black Panther and the March for our Lives Give Me Hope

When my husband was five back in 1951, he had a recurring dream that he could fly. My brother had the same dream at the same age a couple of years later. Putting aside the obvious Freudian interpretation of this dream, here’s what inspired them: I remember my brother spending hours at that age with... Read more »

Enough. Time to Tackle our Nation's Gun Problem

My grandkids are part of what has sadly been dubbed “Generation Columbine.” All of them were born after 1999. The kids who marched out of school on March 14 don’t know a country in which they didn’t have to “march for our lives.” I weep for this generation of children born after 13 were killed... Read more »

TimesUp -- How Far Have Women Really Come?

I’ve been taking a class on Hamilton the musical versus what was really happening back then, and I learned a new term: coverture. Those Skyler sisters from Hamilton weren’t really very free at all. Thanks goodness, I thought at the lecture, that women have come so far in 2018, and they now can speak out, saying “TimesUp.”... Read more »

In Honor of National Grammar Day: It’s Between You and Me…Not I

March 4 was National Grammar Day, so this is a belated rant about one of my pet peeves: the misuse of I when it should be me. Reading my morning paper last week (that should give you a clue as to my age), I came upon this Corey Lewandowski quote in an article about Hope... Read more »

America's Gun Culture: Ballet with a Bullet

When the ballet skirts I ordered for my granddaughter’s birthday arrived from a Florida retailer that sells clothing for dancers, I was shocked to see that they looked like this. It was bad timing. The package showed up after the school shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School. According to my map app, Bullet Pointe is located... Read more »

Dr. Seuss Birthday Challenge to Donald Trump

In honor of Dr. Seuss’s birthday (March 2, 1904), I implore the president to stop talking and tweeting in the style of Dr. Seuss’s books intended for preschoolers and start thinking about what this great author of children’s literature is actually telling you. When Donald Trump tweeted his support for White House Staff Secretary Rob Porter,... Read more »